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Mahmoud has been working fulltime in the Foreign Exchange markets for 12 years. Offers his analysis, articles and recommendations at the most renewed Arabic websites specialized in the global financial markets, and his experience gained a lot of interest among Arab traders. Works on providing technical analysis, market news, free signals and more with follow up for at least 12 hours a day, and aims to simplify forex trading and the concept of trading for his audience.


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During the last three trading sessions last week, the EUR/USD price succeeded in rebounding higher with gains that reached the level of 0.9854.

Last week's trading was somewhat good for the pound sterling against the rest of the major currencies, as the Bank of England intervened to fix what was spoiled by the British government's plans.

For five trading sessions in a row, the price of the USD/JPY currency pair continued to maintain its bullish momentum near its highest level in 24 years.

XAU/USD gold futures rose modestly amid swings in the US dollar and lower Treasury yields, as global financial markets continued to slide.

Forex investors are trying to take advantage of the recent collapse of all currencies against the dollar, which jumped to its highest level in 20 years due to expectations of a US interest rate hike.

The renewed pullback in global markets has put more pressure on the British Pound. and all indications are that more losses are likely, which could lead to a retest of recent lows.

After three bullish trading sessions, the price of the USD/JPY currency pair moved with gains to the 144.90 resistance level, near the highest in 24 years.

Gold futures settled sharply higher since yesterday, with the US dollar declining and bond yields falling

The bearish stability of the EUR/USD pair, around its lowest in more than twenty years, continues to dominate the performance of the most popular currency pair in the forex market.

Amid the free collapse of the British pound against the US dollar, GBP/USD is at its lowest level ever.

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