DailyForex Authors

The DailyForex.com team is comprised of traders, analysts and editors from around the world, each of which brings a unique perspective on the Forex market and uses different strategies to help conquer the markets. From Fibonacci trading strategies to Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, DailyForex authors cover a range of technical analysis strategies that can help traders at all levels find a trading method that they can use comfortably and successfully. Likewise, the DailyForex team has gifted fundamental analysts and news reporters that provide updated information and insights to help traders get a well-rounded understanding of the factors that influence the currency markets.

DailyForex Authors List:

#, A - I

Dr. Mike Campbell

Easy Forex

Johnathon Fox

Huzefa Hamid


Cina Coren

Stephanie Brown

Marshall Gittler

J - Q

Colin Jessup

Alp Kocak

Christopher Lewis

Ben Myers


Sara Patterson

Maxime Parra



Adam Lemon

R - Z


Doug Rosen

Forex Royals

Bastian Rubben

Fadi Steitie

Barbara Zigah