FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions will help you make the most of the DailyForex website, products, and services.



Are your signals generated by live traders or robots?

We have free signals available daily which are generated by our traders using specific trading algorithms. Those can be found both on our site and in our app.
On top of that we offer paid signals manually sent by our expert analysts (professional traders) by push messages through the app.
You can read more about our signals here
Please, let us know if you have any further questions!


How can I access your signals?

Daily Forex provides almost daily signals and analysis for your use. There are two ways to enjoy signals from our expert traders.

1. Free Forex signals, which can be accessed here
2. Paid signals service, with precise entry and exit points (detailed buy and sell notes) , which are available exclusively on our mobile app here


I signed up but haven't received any signals yet

Our premium signals are sent manually by our expert analysts who spend all day analyzing market movements. On average we send three signals per week. Please be patient and make sure that your settings are set to allow the app to send push notifications.
Don’t hesitate to contact us again in case you don’t get any signals in a week.


How can I read and understand your signals

All your information about understanding our signals is explained in an article that we published about the daily signals, which you can read at the link below.
It includes diagrams with the explanations


I do not understand the trade results

The trade results are measured in units of risk.
It is up to you how much you risk consistently per trade. We size it as 1 unit of risk per trade and the result is a multiple of the unit of risk.


What are entry price, take profit and stop loss as mentioned in your analysis?

You can get a full understanding about how to understand our signals in the article here


How can I set alerts for new signals?



How can I delete the DailyForex app?

We're sorry to see you go! If you insist on deleting our app, you can do so easily by following the instructions :
iOS users from here and Android users from here


How can I cancel my subscription?

iOS users can follow Apple’s instructions here
Android users can cancel their subscriptions by following the instructions here .

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