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Uptoforex literally means Ultimate Forex Traders Package that guides traders to trading The Forex Market like Professionals.The Ultimate Forex Traders Package is a package that comprises of CD’s, and corresponding Manuals, with the Package taught in four phases, I am sure that every would be trader and active traders as well would love to lay their hands on this package. Uptoforex also offers online streaming audios and videos with quality far below that of CD’s.

Phase one comprises of Home Study Forex Courses, Phase two is a compact Online Virtual Courses, Phase three is based on Online Forex Mentoring, while Phase four is an On Site Class that concludes the whole program with a final overview of all techniques been learnt so far. Phase four is a two day program that offers members the opportunity of correlating all the facts that has been learnt. This basically offers course members the ability to interact with mentors in real life.

The whole essence of this Package is to develop confidence and experience among traders who have studied the package, and have developed through the phases in becoming better trader or in better terms “trade like professionals”.

The Home Study Forex Courses basically as the first phase comprises of 16 lessons with a broad concept that deals explicitly with technical trading tools, but before this it tends to introduce the students as though newbie’s by beginning with concepts like “what is forex”, explaining “trading Japanese candle stick”, an overview of “forex indicators and time frames”, subscribers are also in the first phase played through “forex support and resistance”, “equity management” which deals with money management as a vital tool for successful trading and this is also a component of phase one. Forex Trend And Trendlines, Forex Buy and Sell Zones, Trading Forex Consolidation, Trading Fibonacci Numbers, Trading Fibonacci Convergences, Trading the Gartley, and Trading Forex Pennets are taught on the Phase one of this Package. This Phase also delves into the teaching of Forex Harmonic Vibration as an indication of the fact that Forex Markets moves in harmonic beats and thus Traders are taught how to identify and count them hence making pips or greens.

The Reversal or Kings Crown is another strategy taught that enables traders identify end of trend, and hence catch it on the reversal. Analyzing the Market is a concept built into Phase one of this Package, that tutors variety of forex charts. Phase one ends with an emphases of summary of all lessons taught with a view to highlighting key points to remember when trading.

After Phase one’s intensive lessons students are introduced to Phase two which comprises “Online Virtual Courses” which is held every month, participation is continuous once first time payment has been done. Online tutorage in online classes is done in real-time with a Forex Professional. It is a 6-hour Forex training session that begins at 9am EDT to 12pm EDT, classes’ resumes at 2pm EDT – 5pm EDT after a 2-hour break. Classes are basically interactive and live, with MTI (Market Traders Institute) professionals taking students in real time and using the forex Market to apply concepts of:
1.Entry Strategy.
2.How to grow your account in a positive direction.
3.How to determine trading range and select the correct time frame.
4.How to determine market direction.
5.How to trade during sideways conditions.
6.How to prepare for fundamental announcements.
7.Exit Strategy-beginner and advanced using Fibonacci values.
Lots more are been taught as part of the Online Virtual Courses.

Online Forex Mentoring is the third Phase, with a 60-days access to MTI’s online trading and analysis room. The essence of this is to help students apply the concepts being taught and start trading. There is an access to professional traders to assist you everyday in MTI’s live online trading and analysis room. This room offers minute-by-minute analysis of activities with each of the four major currency pairs. Questions can be asked via chat, additional assistance can also be scheduled on an individual 1-on-1 tutoring session, and interaction with hundreds of other Market Traders Institute traders is also enjoyed during this session. The major highlights of this session are a weekly special trading session hosted by Jared Martinez the “FX Chief” the developer of the trading methodology. MTI updates, training and mentoring and therefore students are assured of getting the very best and latest.

The final Phase or Phase four is “On Site Class” which is a live 2-day class as the final phase of student’s training. This is essential due to popular notion that suggest that you will only remember 20% of the information three days after you participate in training. The 2-day class encompasses all the concept of the first half of the program in an intensive live market environment. This class can be attended as many times as you like, because in MTI they believe that it’s almost impossible for an individual not to be able to learn to trade with unlimited training.

In all I believe that this is a very wonderful package that every trader should give a try, as it deals with almost all aspects of trading.

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