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  • Headquarter : United Kingdom
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Pros and Cons

  • Relatively low cost at $27 per trading signal or $30 per probability map.
  • Highly technical tools and analysis.
  • Difficulty in understanding the exact analysis that goes into trading signals.
  • Some areas of vagueness on the web site.

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Understand Market is a signal providing service that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software to provide signals and news on the FOREX, S&P500, and Gold markets.  It incorporates efficient information processing and analysis tools to develop trading signals and supporting analysis.

The company has issued 13 trading signals since the beginning of 2006, including 12 FOREX signals and one S&P500 signal.  It boasts a 55% overall return over that period based on 5:1 leverage and reinvestment of profits.  Understand Market backs up these claims with a “Track Record” page on its web site.  The page shows a complete history of Understand Market’s trading signals in 2007, 2006, and 2005.  The page includes both successful and unsuccessful signals.

Although Understand Market’s web site describes a “full package” of services available to members, the site did not post pricing for the “full package.”  Instead, customers can choose to purchase trading signals at $27 each or probability maps for $30 per month. Each trading signal consists of a series of Alerts concerning the opening, management and closing of each position; each Alert includes the name of the currency pair or index involved, the recommended action, the price range for entry or exit, volume, stop-loss or take-profit level, and sometimes additional backing information.  Volume is particularly useful because it reflects the confidence the Understand Market analysts have in the trade.  The higher the Volume value (it can be .25, .5, .75, or 1.0) the higher the level of confidence.

Probability maps show the likelihood of future price swings.  Each map shows the “fuzzy area” of a future price swing; the path with the greatest probability and the variations from that path with their own probabilities.  In more than 94% of cases presented in probability maps, the eventual swing stays within the “fuzzy area".

Understand Market’s web site also includes a number of free features.  One of the best is Newslerfx, which includes three different live news feeds.  The first, Calendar, is a list of international economic news releases.  The second, Headlines, is a directory of news stories.  The third, News Forum, allows discussion of economic news.

Another free feature is currency correlations, which may help traders develop their own recommendations.

Understand Market’s primary focus seems to be on developing well-considered trading signals for its customers, and not on educating traders in FOREX methods and techniques.  As such, it can be an effective tool for FOREX traders who already have a solid grasp of techniques and terms used in the market.
Understand Market’s refund policies could not be found anywhere on the web site.

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