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General Information

Company Information

  • Broker's Name : TradeSmarter
  • Headquarter : Singapore
  • Regulation : CySEC

Account Information

  • U.S. Clients Allowed : None

Pros and Cons

  • Fantastic education center
  • Trading platform with multiple views
  • Free credit card withdrawal
  • Licensed with an Australian Financial Service number
  • No PayPal option
  • No free demo account

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For more then a decade, Tradesmarter has served as a top-notch financial technology company that provides individual and institutional Forex brokers with a customizable platform and tools to enable them to start brokerage services at minimal cost. 

With Tradesmarter, all that broker is required to do is to modify the appearance of the platform to match their brand, and they are good to go.

The platform not only guarantees Forex brokers cutting edge technology but saves them the enormous time and money that is required to build a new platform from scratch.

Here are some features that have put Tradesmarter on the global list of the best white label solutions for Forex brokers. 

General Information

Founded in: 2008
Minimum Deposit: N/A (Not a broker)
Maximum Per Option: N/A (Not a broker)
Languages available: 32 different languages

Reliable Technology

The number one thing that determines the success of a retail Forex brokerage business is the accuracy, speed and stability of its trading platform.

If the platform is hard to navigate and users are always complaining of downtimes, slow speed, and numerous technological failure then the brokerage is doomed.

Tradesmarter platforms and tools are developed with both the broker and the end user in mind. Apart from being easy to navigate, they have high level functionality both on windows, iOS, and Android systems. With the technology, the broker is able to offer access to the market from anywhere through multiple devices and channels.

Tradesmarter WowFX platform also supports different trading systems such as web, Java, Jforex, and API with the flexibility to trade automatically.

For the end user, Tradesmarter provides a fully branded trading MT4 to help the retail FX brokers establish themselves as an authority. Also available is a robust risk management system to enable the broker to get a clear picture of their portfolio and control it effectively.

Some of the specific functions of the risk management system include;

  • An evaluation of the trading client’s performance.
  • Analysis of the trading client’s risk profile
  • Advanced reporting of all transactions.
  • Evaluation of risk portfolio by instrument, platform and client.
  • Full profit and loss transparency.
  • 24/7 dedicated support and advisory.

Liquidity Availability

Tradesmarter has a large pool of liquidity providers which makes it possible to provide ultra-tight spreads starting at 0.0 pips for major currency pairs.

The large liquidity pool also makes it possible for the implementing broker clients to execute large-volume orders within milliseconds.

The trading platform makes it possible for the clients to act as both liquidity receivers and liquidity providers and therefore order execution can still happen even if external liquidity providers do not provide a suitable quote.

User Support and Training

While having a state of the art technology is paramount to successfully running a retail Forex brokerage business, the ability to use the technology is the key determinant of success.

The Tradesmarter platform and tools are not only user-friendly, but the company offers accompanying training and support to ensure smooth running upon launch.

Unlike other FX turnkey providers, Tradesmarter offers additional training and follow-up for free until the users are fully conversant with the technology.

 Minimal Cost and Implementation time

If there is something that makes most Forex brokers shy away from creating their platforms from scratch, it is the associated costs and time.

Even when most white label solutions are equally priced and some offer easy implementation, there are those that have established themselves to be better than others.

Tradesmarter has invested in technology that makes it possible to offer white label solutions to Forex brokers at minimal cost and implementation time.

The company has been offering fintech solutions to businesses since 2008 and therefore has the experience and the technology necessary to ensure timely and cost-effective solutions.

On average, the complete setup time for the Tradesmarter white label brand establishment takes two to five weeks while it can take years to build a platform from scratch.

In terms of actual implementation to a broker site, Tradesmarter’s platforms and onboarding systems can be implemented in a couple of hours of work!

Back Office Management System

Another feature that makes Tradesmarter the best white label FX provider for individual and institutional retail forex brokers is its back-office management system.

Through this system, the broker can monitor clients' activity, trading volume, and profit and losses all in real time. The system includes all the features necessary for the management of clients and businesses.

A Client-Oriented Business Model

While most white label FX solutions providers will charge fees irrespective of whether the broker is making a profit or loss, Tradesmarter earns income only when the broker is profitable.

The provider must, therefore, work hard to facilitate a perfect business environment for the broker if they are to make money.

Marketing Tools and Support

Forex brokers using the Tradesmarter technology enjoy marketing tools and support to help push their brand to the masses. This is not common with most white label FX tech providers and therefore brokers using the Tradesmarter technology are at an advantage.

One of the marketing tools offered by Tradesmarter is the Wow Platform which is designed to allow the broker's marketers to run end to end mobile traffic funnels hence increase conversion rate.


With the Tradesmarter technology, individual and institutional FX brokers can forget the hustles of keeping up with technology and concentrate more on acquiring and building relationships with clients. 

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