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As its name suggests, (aka “The Forex Trading Coach”) is a course that differs dramatically from most other Forex courses we’ve reviewed.  For starters, it is not run by a big institution or a group of traders.  The mastermind behind the website is Andrew Mitchem, known by his students as The Forex Trading Coach.  Mr. Mitchem developed the course entirely on his own, and he continues to run it independently, relating to each student personally and providing personalized help when necessary.  I could tell that this Forex course was written by someone who’d gone through the tough Forex learning curve and wanted to make the curve slightly less-steep for future traders – and I liked relating to Andrew in that way, because it made me feel like I could also become a successful trader.

For the purposes of this Forex course review, I registered for the course quickly and easily on the website.  The course is designed not only to prevent traders from wiping out quickly, but also to give them the tools they need to continue trading based on technical analysis on a long-term basis.  I’m usually skeptical about online Forex courses, but The Forex Trading Coach put me completely at ease from the beginning, which I believe was due to his efforts to connect with me from the start.

After I registered for The Forex Trading Coach’s course, I received a few emails from Andrew including a rather lengthy PDF that explains the basics of Forex trading.  It included explanations of how the Fore market functions, how to calculate your own profit and loss, and how to raise your chances of profiting by analyzing the movements of currencies in the last hours, days and even weeks.  The document also had explanations about how to download and manage programs and tools that calculate everything for you to simplify the Forex trading process.  I was impressed to see that the PDF was highly secure, with a confirmation link and a lock on the document, so that it could not be shared or accessed without permission.  While I wasn’t sure this was necessary, it did make me feel confident that The Forex Trading Coach takes pride in his work and that he is offering an exclusive and unique Forex course.

Once the background information was complete, the PDF provided with The Forex Trading Course focused mostly on trading based on Japanese Candlesticks, and it gave very specific explanations about how to understand the charts and how to analyze the clues and hints provided in the chart.

When I started to get the idea of everything, I checked my email box and saw that Andrew reminded me that in two days he is having a live webinar online, and I was excited to see the principles that I’d just learned put into practice.  Another email I received gave me access to a "desk help" page that had answers to virtually every question that I had.  Although I found that I received many more emails from The Forex Trading Coach than I originally anticipated, I found it surprisingly useful to receive each bit of information in a separate mail, so that I could keep my thoughts and emails organized.

The Help Desk offered many answers to my Forex questions

"The Help Desk offered many answers to my Forex questions"

I registered for the live webinar and accessed it with the secret code provided.  Upon entrance I saw Andrew speaking on his microphone and sharing his screen with the webinar’s participants.  In his screen there was the chart that gives you details and clues about what might happen with all the pairs of currencies in the next minutes, hours and days.

I was especially interested in how Andrew traded live in front of all of us – with a real account.  When he wasn’t actively placing trades, he was also recommending us of possible trades at that time.  During the webinar, participants could also ask Andrew quick questions but he could not answer all of them during the webinar, so I suspect that the HelpDesk was very busy afterwards.

After about a week of studying the information provided by The Forex Trading Coach I felt comfortable to start placing small trades.  This comfort was compounded by the fact that I found Andrew to be accessible and that the HelpDesk offered many answers to my questions, so I never felt like I was truly alone in my initial trades.  I know I have a long way to go before I become a fully successful trader, but I definitely feel like I’m on the right track. 

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