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Strategy Exchange is a relatively new player in the Forex Auto Traders’ market. They were established in 2006 to address what they call “the growing demand for automated trading solutions by both Buy-Side and Sell-side market participants” Their technology and infrastructure is based on the well known Strategy Runner system, an industry leader in fully automated trading systems.
Like all auto traders, Strategy Exchange is primarily targeting two types of customers. On the one hand, their auto trading system is intended for investors looking to enter the world of Forex and Futures, but lack the necessary knowledge and experience to do that independently.
On the other hand, Strategy Exchange, much like other auto traders targets Forex and Futures experts who lack a significant and effective stage upon which they can share their expertise with the global trading community.
Before even examining the actual trading interface and system, you are welcomed by a very user-friendly and modern looking website, which lacks any sort of complicated functionality. In fact, all you see on their home page is a little bit about the company, a call to action, a Live Help button, and two very basic charts displaying the most viewed and most profitable futures and currencies.
Sometimes, such a small amount of information on a web page sends users away, but in this case, less is more, as all the information you need is well organized and easy to find in the home page toolbar. While Trading Strategy did a great job with the design of their website, the simplicity of the actual trading system needs some work.
It is true that experienced traders will be able to easily understand exactly what they are looking at, but since the main audience in this case is beginner traders, Strategy Exchange should have placed a “What is This” button next to every parameter in their trading system.
Another disappointing factor is although they claim that they offer a “broad range of strategies”, the total number of available strategies to choose from was 298. Off hand, one might think this is a sufficient number, after all, all you really need is one or two profitable strategies. However, to put it in proportion, compared to the thousand plus strategies offered by Strategy Exchange’s main competition, Ava AutoTrader, 298 no longer seems like such a big number.
The reality is that the whole concept of auto trading is based on filtering out the strategy that best meets your trading needs, and after doing just that, I was left with no strategies to choose from due to the small number I started with. While the interface of Strategy Exchange’s trading system is easy to use, unless you are already familiar with the parameters displayed, you will feel very lost and overwhelmed by the various choices.
It is important to remember that Strategy Exchange does not only allow you to auto trade the Forex market. Other markets they work with are Commodities, energy, indices, and more.
The strategies available can be selected and filtered by the following parameters:
-Profit and Loss Percentage
-Max Drawdown
-Strategy Age
-Risk/Reward Ratio
-Required Capital
-Name of Vendor
As you see, there are multiple parameters upon which you can choose a strategy, however, compared to the auto traders we have reviewed in the past, that number is still too low.
Strategy Exchange offer a free trial to test out their system, which I found to be relatively easy to use. They offer a live chat feature, which was “Offline” every time I checked. They do offer a basic training for those who are new to the markets, but that is exactly what is was, basic.
In conclusion, Strategy Exchange is a decent contender in the Forex/Futures auto trading arena, but at the end of the day, I would suggest traders look at other auto trading systems such as Ava Auto Trader and ZuluTrade before making a final decision.

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