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Plus500 is a CFD broker operating out of Israel. A huge accomplishment for this company is that it is a FTSE 250 listed brokerage, which brings with it the respect and prestige that many smaller brokers have not earned.


The background of the founding team is in technology, and the broker’s proprietary platform is the crowning accomplishment of this team. In addition to the pride it has about its trading platform, Plus500 is proud to display its impressive ratings at Google Play and in Apple’s App Store, which they trumpet as a measure of their popularity. The broker does not provide research or education, but they attempt to compensate by offering a trading platform that is extremely easy to use.

Plus500 homepage

Plus500 Highlights
🗺️ Headquarter Israel
⚖️ Regulations CySEC, FCA, ASIC, FMA, FSB, MAS
💰 Type of broker Market Maker
💰 Minimum Deposit $100
💰 Maximum Leverage 1:30
📊 Type of platform Proprietary platform, Web-based
💳 Deposit with credit card Yes
👛 Depositing with wire transfer Yes
🎮 Demo account provided Yes
🛍️ Instruments traded ETFs, CFDs, Commodities, Metals, Stocks, Oil, Gold, Indices
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Regulation and Security

Plus500 is among the most highly-regulated brokers in the world, which is a huge advantage for traders wishing to trade with a reliable broker that is based locally (Availability subject to regulation). The primary regulator of Plus500 is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK which is counted among the strictest and most reliable Forex brokers in the world. Traders are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), up to £85,000, as per regulatory requirements. This brokerage also operates a subsidiary regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Plus500 is, therefore, under the Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65/EU or MiFID II and the EU’s 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive. Traders are protected by the Investor Compensation Fund (CIF) with maximum coverage of €20,000, as stipulated by the EU Directive 2014/49/EU.

Plus500 also serves traders through regulated entities in Australia, regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), in New Zealand under supervision of the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), in South Africa authorized by the Financial Services Board (FSB), and in Singapore regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The brokerage also has an Israeli branch regulated by the Israel Securities Administration. Per regulatory requirements, client funds remain segregated from company funds. Plus500 is serving traders from a proper regulatory framework (or, more precisely, several regulatory frameworks), and traders may trust this broker with deposits.

The FCA is the primary regulator of Plus500 in the UK.

Plus500 FCA regulation

Additional entities are managed across several regulatory environments.

Plus500 regulation list

Plus500 South Africa

Plus500 continues to expand globally since its inception in 2008 in Israel, with one of its latest business expansions being Plus500 South Africa. While this CFD broker does not have an operating subsidiary registered directly with the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), Plus500AU Pty Ltd serves South African trades. Plus500AU Pty Ltd is the Australian-based entity, regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This subsidiary is additionally authorized as a financial services provider in South Africa, offering local traders a secure and well-regulated trading environment. Client deposits remain fully segregated, and Plus500 also maintains its London Stock Exchange listing, where it adheres to strict financial requirements and business ethics

ASIC is one of the most trusted financial regulators globally, superior to the FSCA. It is also one of the few Tier-1 regulators ensuring brokers operate from one of the most competitive environments. Australia slowly transitions into a new broker hotspot, especially after changes in 2018 in Europe enforced by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). It rendered Cyprus, the former regulatory destination for broker seeking the respected framework of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), uncompetitive. A growing number of brokers are voluntarily renouncing their CySEC licenses to relocate to a business-friendly authority, with ASIC a prime benefactor.

South African traders, therefore, enjoy the trusted protection of an ASIC-regulated broker and can manage their portfolios from an extremely competitive trading environment. Plus500 South Africa offers over 2,000 assets from its proprietary webtrader, and a generous bonus system is in place to reward more substantial deposits. Plus500 offers guaranteed stop-loss orders and negative balance protection, ensuring trades will never lose more than their deposited capital. Free e-mail and push notifications inform clients of any market-changing events. The minimum deposit is just R1,500 with 1:300 leverage when trading Forex.

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Plus500 Fees

Plus500 derives the majority of its revenues from direct trading costs consisting of spreads charged on over 2,000 assets. The trading is commission-free. There are several indirect fees to consider, but overall, Plus500 offers a combination of competitive spreads on select assets with several assets having higher costs, creating an acceptable balance. Some asset classes are priced higher than other brokers, so it is a good idea to check before placing your trades if you maintain multiple brokerage accounts. If not, you can rest assured that Plus500’s fees are not among the highest in the industry and that some super-low costs will balance out the more expensive ones. Plus500 remains fully transparent about all involved costs, enabling quick comparisons and calculations. A low overall trading fee structure ensures increased profitability of trading strategies, which is why traders must consider this aspect carefully.

Plus500 fees

Withdrawal Fees

Plus500 states that no internal deposit or withdrawal fees apply unless traders exceed the maximum amount of free monthly withdrawals. Therefore, at least one is available per month without additional costs from Plus500, but third-party fees dependent on the payment processor exist and are out of the control of this broker. Withdrawals in a currency other than the account base currency will face currency conversion fees. Making more than one withdrawal per month should be avoided to avoid additional costs.

Plus 500 deposits & withdrawals

Currency Conversion Fees

Currency conversion fees apply each time traders request a withdrawal in a currency different than the account base currency. They also apply to each trade made in an asset priced in another currency. For example, if your account base currency is in Euros and you place an order on the Facebook CFD, which is denominated in U.S. Dollars, Plus500 will charge a 0.50% currency conversion fee upon execution of the trade on top of the exchange rate. Some brokers do not charge additional fees for this service and exchange at spot rates without a mark-up. Plus500 adds a small cost, which adds up over time, and represents an extra revenue stream for this broker.

Plus500 Currency conversion fee

Spread Fees

The bulk of trading fees come from spreads, the difference between the buy (bid) and the sell (ask) price of each quoted instrument. Plus500 maintains some competitive costs for high-liquid assets like the EUR/USD, where a minimum commission-free spread of 0.6 pips ranks it in the top quintile of competitors. Other less liquid assets carry an above-average cost, resulting in an acceptable balance for most clients. Depending on the trading strategy and preference, traders may create a list of low-cost assets, avoiding pricier ones, and lowering the final fee structure.

Plus500 Spread Fees

Overnight Fees

Overnight fees or swap rates apply to leveraged overnight positions. They are interest payments on the borrowed money from Plus500 to maintain an open trade. While most are negative, there are instances where a positive swap rate applies, and traders earn a small fee for holding the asset in their portfolio. Some reports suggest that overnight costs at this broker are more excessive than at competitors, which could not be verified. Plus500 remains transparent about the applicable overnight fees, accessible by clicking on “Details” next to the asset name in the trading platform.

Plus500 overnight fees

Inactivity Fees

A $10 monthly inactivity applies if no login occurs for three months. It can be avoided by periodically accessing your account, but most traders are unlikely to become inactive as long as the portfolio has a cash balance. While this may sound like an annoying fee, other brokers charge as much as $50/month as an inactivity fee, so Plus500’s cost remains on the low side.

Plus500 Inactivity Fees

Plus500 Fee Calculator

Plus500 does not provide a fee calculator, but given the transparency of all trading fees, direct and indirect, traders can create one using a spreadsheet.


Plus500 remains one of the more competitively priced commission-free CFD brokers available. Together with its comprehensive asset selection, this broker maintains an ideal structure for most retail traders. Plus500 keeps the overall cost structure minimal, and transparency about all applicable fees allows traders to calculate all charges and keep track of their costs. The three fees each trader will face daily are spreads, currency conversion fees, and overnight fees, and the combination of all create a balanced pricing environment. Manual and low-frequency traders will find the attractively priced commission-free cost structure and asset selection a competitive offer.

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What Can I Trade

Asset selection at Plus500 is excellent for retail traders through small portfolio management operations. Over 2,000 CFDs are provided across the Forex market, cryptocurrencies (Availability subject to regulation), commodities, equities and indices, ETFs, and options markets. Traders can properly diversify portfolios and take advantage of trading opportunities across the global financial spectrum.

Forex traders can suitably manage currency-only portfolios in a cost-effective trading environment through more than fifty currency pairs.

Forex CFD offerings at Plus500

Cryptocurrency selection is sound and exceeds essential names (Availability subject to regulation), an area where Plus500 outperforms many retail brokerages.

Crypto offerings at Plus500

Commodities are effectively presented and offer proper hedging capabilities for traders.

Commodity offerings at Plus500

Index CFDs provide traders with a useful diversification tool and complements the equity CFD selection.

Index CFDs help traders diversity at Plus500

ETF CFDs support passive trading, a growing trend across portfolios.

ETF CFDs at Plus500

Options complete the cross-asset trading environment at Plus500.

Solid options trading at Plus500

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Account Types

Plus500 provides the same CFD account to all traders, while a professional account is available if two of three requirements are fulfilled. Different services are offered for traders with a pro account, as is common in today’s industry, and required by many regulators. Leverage for the standard account is limited to 1:30, but professional portfolios enjoy an upgrade to 1:300. The Australian entity regulated by ASIC grants leverage of 1:300 for standard accounts and presents the best choice for relevant traders.

Plus500 demo and real options

Qualified traders may ask for an upgrade to a professional account.

Professional account details

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Trading Platforms

Plus500 provides traders with only its proprietary trading platform, which is a surprising strategy considering the popularity of the MetaTrader suite of platforms. The platform  is touted as one of the most user-friendly platforms in the industry. The plus side (no pun intended!) is that new traders can place trades easily and navigate through different assets smoothly. The downside is that automated trading is not supported, third-party plugins are unavailable, and critical trading functions for advanced traders are largely absent.

While it would be nice for Plus500 to offer the MetaTrader 4 platform, that platform is available at most brokers, and it’s somewhat refreshing to see Plus500 stand by its principles to offer something unique and solid.

Plus500 Trading Platforms

Plus500 Webtrader

Unlike most brokers, Plus500 does not offer traders the market leading MT4 trading platform. In its place is the proprietary webtrader developed by Plus500, which we actually found as a welcome distinction for the broker during our Plus500 review, since it highlights the company's investment in its clients and its interest in simplifying the trading process. The Plus500 webtrader has an excellent reputation in the industry, but unfortunately, the website fails to fully explain the platform to really highlight its benefits. Fortunately, an unlimited demo account is available, granting new traders the best choice to explore the Plus500 Webtrader.

The information available on the broker's website reveals that the Plus500 Webtrader does not support automated trading and is only suitable for manual trading. Plus500 prides itself on the notifications and a sentiment indicator offered within its platform. Traders may set price alerts, percentage-based changes to assets, and notifications related to the sentiment adjustments. The three communication options are e-mail, SMA, and push. This broker managed to create a more sophisticated alert service than the trading platform. Since Plus500 fails to introduce other aspects, traders may access videos created by third-parties or take the Plus500 Webtraders for a demo test drive.

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Unique Features

As mentioned earlier, the most unique offering of Plus500 is its trading platform and impressive choice of tradable assets (Availability subject to regulation).

Though 2019 numbers weren’t yet available at the time of this Plus500 review, the 2018 numbers published by the company are in fact impressive.

2018 statistics for Plus500

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Research and Education

Unfortunately, there is no research offered by Plus500. The company does offer a limited education section called the Trader’s Guide, which has a few videos that can help traders get started. They also have a fairly comprehensive Risk Management section which explains to traders how to best mitigate their risks while trading. Some brokers have made the case that advanced traders don’t need education, as they already know how to trade, and there is some validity to this claim. However, since Plus500’s platform is relevant to traders at all levels, it would be nice if the company would expand their educational offerings.  

Educational videos at Plus500

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Customer Support

Clients have access to customer support 24/7 via live chat or e-mail, which is nice, as most brokers only offer support 24/5. An FAQ section covers the most basic questions. The website covers thirty-two languages, and customer support is equally multi-lingual. Broadly speaking, most traders never require assistance from a broker’s support team. In case the need arises, Plus500 provides adequate support capabilities, highly rated by over 8,100 ratings.

Support at Plus500

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Bonuses and Promotions

Plus500 Bonus Code

Plus500 offers a first-time deposit bonus in select jurisdictions, including Australia, Singapore, and South Africa. While this broker reserves the right to introduce additional incentives at its discretion, communicated to qualifying trading accounts via a message inside the trading platform, an e-mail, or both, the current one uses the Plus500 bonus code. It consists of six tiers, with a seventh special bonus promotion granted for which the code will be available in the applicable section of the trading platform. Terms and conditions apply, and traders interested in the incentive must read and understand the rules before participating in it.

The Plus500 bonus is a legit incentive to entice more significant first-time deposits, which is when most new trades opt for the highest amount, with many failing to implement a regular schedule to build their trading account. All operating subsidiaries list the Plus500 bonus code on their respective websites. At the time of this Plus500 review, there were six tiers for the Plus500 bonus code. Most traders fall into the first three labeled Welcome, BRONZE, and SILVER. They require a minimum deposit of A$300, A$750, and A$1,500 for Australia and the currency equivalent for Singapore. South African traders need to deposit R4,000, R10,000, and R20,000. Singaporeans additional have a SingaporeWelcome and a First888 alternative, requiring a deposit of S$200 and S$3,000.

Each Plus500 Bonus Code grants more capital, tied to TraderPoints (TPoints), required to turn it into withdrawable cash. The Welcome bonus offers A$/S$80 or R850 and 80 TPoints, BRONZE is A$/S$200 or R1,000 and 150 TPoints, and SILVER is A$/S$300 or R1,600 and 200 TPoints. Traders will earn TPoints based on the asset and volume traded, with a table available on the websites participating in the promotion. The other three tiers, GOLD, PLATINUM, and DIAMOND, demand a minimum deposit of A$/S$7,500, A$/S$15,000, and A$/S$75,000 or R75,000, R200,000, and R1,000,000, respectively. Total bonus capital and TPoints increase accordingly and out of reach for most traders at Plus500.

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Opening an Account

Account openings are processed through online applications, as is the standard operating procedure across the brokerage industry. Plus500 requires an e-mail address and password for the first step of the account opening process. Traders may login with their Google or Facebook accounts, which is a nice, easy touch. New traders need to submit a copy of their ID and one proof of residency document to complete the AML/KYC verification process, as stipulated by regulators. With high regulation and connections to some of the most trustworthy apps and services on the internet, traders may trust this broker with their information.

Plus500 Open account page

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Deposits and Withdrawals

Plus500 supports bank wires, credit/debit cards, Skrill, and PayPal. Regional payment methods may be available, but full details can be seen only from inside the trading platform, due to geotargeting efforts (so that traders aren’t bothered by irrelevant information). Processing times and potential fees are not provided. In compliance with AML requirements, the name on the trading account and payment processor need to be the same. Withdrawals are processed the same route as deposits. The deposit and withdrawal procedures mirror those at other brokerages, and appear to be in keeping with industry standards.

Plus500 payment options


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General Information

Company Information

  • Broker's Name : Plus500
  • Headquarters : Israel
  • Regulation : CySEC, FCA, ASIC, FMA, FSB, MAS

Account Information

  • Type of Broker : Market Maker
  • U.S. Clients Allowed :
  • Minimum Deposit : $100
  • Maximum Leverage : 1:30
  • Commissions / Spreads : Spread
  • Account 1 : CFD
  • Demo Account :
  • Islamic Account :
  • Segregated Account :
  • Managed Accounts :
  • Institutional Accounts :
  • Deposit Options :
  • Withdrawal Options :

Instruments Traded

  • ETFs :
  • CFDs :
  • Commodities :
  • Metals :
  • Stocks :
  • Oil :
  • Gold :
  • Binary Options :
  • Indices :

Trading Platforms

  • Type of Platform : Proprietary platform, Web-based
    • Platform Languages :
      • English
      • Polish
      • Swedish
      • Bahasa
      • Thai
      • Greek
      • Dutch
      • Portuguese
      • Russian
      • Chinese
      • Japanese
      • German
      • Turkish
      • French
      • Italian
      • Arabic
      • Spanish
      • Other
    • OS Compatibility :
      • Mac
      • Windows
      • Linux
      • Mobile
      • Web
      • iPhone
      • iPad
  • Trading Signals :
  • Charting Package :
  • Market Analysis :
  • Chart Trading :
  • Automated Trading :
  • Scalping :
  • Hedging :
  • Mobile Alerts :
  • E-mail Alerts :
  • Trailing Stops :
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss :
  • Guaranteed Limit Orders :
  • Guaranteed Execution :
  • One-click Execution :
  • OCO Orders :
  • Interest on Margin :
  • Web-based Trading :
  • Mobile Trading :

Customer Support

    • Website Languages :
      • English
      • Hungarian
      • Polish
      • Swedish
      • Bahasa
      • Thai
      • Greek
      • Dutch
      • Portuguese
      • Russian
      • Chinese
      • Japanese
      • German
      • Turkish
      • French
      • Italian
      • Arabic
      • Spanish
      • Other
  • Support Hours : 24/7
  • E-mail Support :
  • SMS Support :
  • Chat :

Pros and Cons


  • Well-regulated globally

  • Broad asset selection in equities and options

  • Guaranteed stop-loss order


  • Low leverage for retail traders

  • Sub-standard trading platform without support for automated or social trading

  • No research and limited, below-average educational content

  • Lack of trading tools

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Plus500 vs Comparisons

Broker Alternatives

We have gathered a list of the top broker alternatives to Plus500, and conducted an in-depth broker comparison to assist you in choosing the right broker for your trading needs.

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Can you make money with Plus500?

It is certainly possible to make money with Plus500. At the time of updating this review, Plus500 reported according to regulatory requirements that 23.6% of their retail investor accounts were making money when trading CFDs.

How do I withdraw money from Plus500?

You can withdraw money from Plus500 through bank wires, credit/debit cards, Skrill, and PayPal. Click on the “Withdrawals” section when logged in for exact instructions on how to execute a withdrawal from your Plus500 account.

How long does it take to withdraw money from Plus500?

Plus500 is usually able to get your withdrawal paid to you within 2 or 3 days at most. Plus500 clients report that PayPal tends to be the quickest withdrawal method from Plus500.

Does Plus500 allow scalping?

No, Plus500 does not allow scalping.

Is Plus500 regulated?

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) remains the principal regulator for Plus500. This broker is additionally regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA), the South Africa Financial Services Board (FSB), the Israel Securities Authority, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Is Plus500 good for beginners?

Yes, Plus500 is good for beginner traders because it is generally reported to be a user-friendly broker by its clients.

What is the minimum deposit on Plus500?

The minimum deposit required to open an account with Plus500 is $100 but may be higher depending upon the payment method used to fund the account.

Where is Plus500 based?

Plus500 is headquartered in London, UK, per its FTSE250 listed entity. It additionally manages a global headquarters in Israel while each operating subsidiary possesses its regional one.

How does Plus500 make money?

Plus500 charges a spread on over 2,000 assets. As a market maker, this broker also profits from client losses.

How can I deposit into a Plus500 account?

Bank wires, credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal compose the main payment options supported by Plus500. Regional ones may be available, but this broker solely provides this information from inside its trading platform.

What is the minimum lot size at Plus500?

This information is nor provided, but since Plus500 is a CFD broker, the minimum transaction size is presumed to be 1 CFD.

When does a margin-call take place at Plus500?

When the account balance fails to satisfy the maintenance margin requirement, a margin call is issued. Precise requirements are provided inside the trading platform, as the maintenance margin is asset dependent.

What is the maximum leverage offered by Plus500?

The maximum leverage is capped at 1:30 for retail clients and 1:300 for professional clients, but retail traders under the ASIC regulated entity have access to 1:300.

How do I open an account with Plus500?

Plus500 has an online application form, which is the standard operating procedure.

What trading platforms does Plus500 offer?

Plus500 merely provides its sub-standard proprietary trading platform.

Is Plus500 legitimate?

The answer to the question “Is Plus500 a legit Forex broker?” is yes. Operational since 2008 with oversight from five regulators and authorization as a financial service provider in two more jurisdictions. It is also a component of the FTSE250 on the London Stock Exchange.

What are the benefits of the Plus500 Gold account?

The Plus500 Gold account is an upgrade to existing features. Trades may ask for it when opening an account, but the aim is to upgrade all accounts to Gold, making it the standard. The primary benefit is a reduction in trading costs and improved market access.

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Plus500 is a well-regulated broker, operational since 2008, which gives it experience and tenure that many of today’s young brokers don’t have. At first glance, this brokerage comes across as a market leader, and its operational statistics are certainly impressive. The best feature provided is the asset selection, and the broker’s weakest offering is its education and research sections.

While this brokerage is in full compliance with its regulators, it has run into some problems in the past (though they have been resolved without the company filing for bankruptcy or insolvency, which is a strongly positive sign).

Plus500’s only platform is its proprietary platform, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage for traders. New traders will love the easy-to-use platform, and advanced traders may appreciate the simplicity as well, at least as a secondary option for traders who want to take advantage of Plus500’s other offerings.

Trading costs for currency pairs are competitive and make Plus500 an attractive broker. Our conclusion is that despite some flaws, Plus500 offers advantages where it really counts – with a wide asset offering, user-friendly platform, and competitive spreads.

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User Reviews

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49 User Reviews

Hi everyone,i just noticed this website,i see there is a lot of comments about 500+,i have been trading with them for over 3.5years,before that I looked at a lot of different platforms,each having plus and minus features,when I first looked at 500+ I could see straight away that it was a clear and simple platform.I have no connection with 500+ so I give my honest opinion.Im a self taught trader although I am in the process of doing a professional trading dip.You really have to know what you are doing with trading,no second guessing,do your research and then do more.If you have time watch Bloomberg tv,its a good way to get a feel for whats going on in the market.There are a lot of tips I could give but id be typing for hours.It is possible to make money on this platform,i made 560euro in one day,i missed a trade by 2 days which would have made me 24,000 euro in 5 days,so I know its possible,i traded blackberry successfully when almost every analyst said don't.I also lost money,thats part of trading.


I have some reservations about Plus500. First of all, why they offer £/€25,00 at the registration time! To attract you, of course and then the experience becomes boring and frustrating. Entered into their system about a month and due to the EUR set back and USD uplift lost half of my investment (though not much to other, but enough for me as an academic). The good thing is that they do not charge for each trade, but their premium is high, especially overnight. One better thing that I found is that their rates are online which is compatible to Yahoo currency. The other good thing is that they respond to your email, but there are a few things that I like to reveal.
Now like to share about my experience. Within this one month period, every day I take a log of my preferred currencies and their rates from time to time. However, among a few things that I observed that whenever there is a big dip in the rate and you like to take the advantage of that, either your system hangs out or you are logged out of the system. When you are back to the system, either your last purchase is approved with higher price, or you lost the chance to buy the same because the rate has gone up by that time. The same thing happened to me when there is a sudden rise and I could not avail to take the opportunity. I thought and still desire to gain at most 100-200Euros from my little investment, which is not a 100% profit of course, but in reality I am very much doubtful to invest further there. Sorry, if I am wrong, or I am little unfortunate in this business (a first timer and never thought of investing in such instrument, unless much hit by this EU economic crisis), but in my believe money is not safe in to the system, unless you are very opportune. Of course, you (the Company) are in business and you have to gain money, but there should be a little flexibility from the client side too. Every time I am buying a stock from the system, I am in a tense mood, because of my feeling that I am going to lose again! Because the system does not allow you to sale without certain restriction when you are at lose (agree, but the restriction, to me seems very much confined). I hope I am wrong. Will be very happy, if someone intelligent, and more experienced may shade some light on this.


Hi there, My name is Mark Munro, I am a 20 year old Business student in Glasgow Scotland. And i have had a very good experience with PLUS500. I deposited £150 uk pounds, i then confirmed, my e-mail, my address, and any other documentation. I know this seams abit dodgey, and i was very very weary of doing it, but i then applied to get my money withdrawn, £189 after around a week (thanks apple) it then took 5 days, and the money is back in my account. If you follow the rules youl be fine if you live in the UK!!!!!! my main tip is DO NOT SCALP!!!!! or rather invest in any stock for less than 5 minutes!!!! if you do this you will be at risk, reading the terms and coditions. I had a very good experience, although i was very nervous with all the reviews i read. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to eamil me at
THIS SYSTEM WORKS iffffffffffff you follow the rules, plain and simple from my experience and made £39 in one week


Can anyone tell me the way to withdraw money out of own account with Plus 500? Thanks in advance!


Ok, so if this Trading platform company is so bad can anyone recommend a good alternative


You will find that any positive comments left on this forum are made by plus 500 employees. You will lose anything you deposit, Guaranteed.


I have been trading with plus500 for more than 4 months. Not just myself, but a group oof more than 10 friends have all been trading with this website. I had absolutely NO PROBLEMS. I deposited and withdrew money without any problems, and even my friends. When I sent an e-mail, I received response within a reasonable time limit.

I am very satisfied.


DO NOT SIGN WITH THEM!! i was trading for just few days, made small profit, next day i was trying to login again and got error message, i emailed to customer support with this issue: and i received this email form them:


After double checking of our security department, you will not able to trade with us and we will not able to provide any further information.


Customer Support

I've send few emails regarding how can i get my money back, since i havent heard from them...

matt w

Works fine most people on here probably just lost all there money and wanna blame plus500. Just dont expect to make the right decision every time because you wont As for me i am 50% up in two weeks. Scams are not regulated by the FSA either.


i validated my phone ... received the bonus ... so far i made 5% profit from the bonus ... i am confused ... some say it works others say it doesnt ... i just want a straight answer : DOES IT WORK ?!?!?!




Their stop loss is not working and it takes a lot of time to get orders through. everytime something interesting is going on it is impossible to trade and when the orders come through it is to a total different price. It is strange that it is possible to cheat like that and still continue.


ohhhh come on guys....every company in the world has had something bad said about it....but lets face it, if they were really that bad would they still be up and running?!


Anything that pops up with the word SCAM in it im not gonna touch frankly, i wouldnt invest any of my time or money using this company. If ppl are saying bad things about a company on a mass scale thats gotta tell you something. Thanks for the warning


They rob you with their fees! Do not deposit money into this!!! Why all the complains?? Its a reason for it!!!

mr webster

quick message to customer serveces plaeas improve i spent 9 hours trying to contact you. still think your sites great made £45 in 30 seconds keep up the good work just give me a number to ring


hey i think that people should seek friends or anybody who have used plus 500 b4 opening a real account. i am using a demo account and its working just fine- im earning quite a lot. however, i must say that when people uses real money, they tend to change their way of thinking and behavior,and so it might affect the performance in this trading platform. i cannot say that people should use this platform, but its the best so far from the other platforms out there and there's unlimited demo unlike others. should practice and get used to the way plus 500 works before actually opening a real account because your real-life money is at stake; either big or small. i just use the demo and if i get really good at this i probably would change to real account and invest the lowest possible first in-case of any risk of losing them all. im not trying to side any parties, but i think people should know the risks of things before doing something.


I used Plus500 and deposited some money and now i want to withdraw the funds they keep on giving various senseless excuses. Basically i feel this is a scam and i have been reporting to various Watchdog companies for scams and i will fight and lose more money but i feel justice should be done. Pls take care of Plus500 as its a scam.


TAKE CARE TO PLUS500! They closed my account! I asked to them 'Why?' but they answered me that they can't write to me the reason.

Enaam Alum

Michelle calls me from plus500 offers me to deposit money and i will get a 30% bonus instantly to use. I email plus500 to take the offer, and everyone gives me different information, then 1 customer service rep, says, if you deposit more than a £100 pound you recieve your bonus instantly and can use it striaght away. There was also a problem with getting the 30% bonus, any how, I deposit the money and then they tell me, oh we are sorry but you have given incorrect information by phone and email, and we cannot give you any bonus without trader points. My point is about this company, the people working for plus500 do not know what they are talking about, they have recently been FSA regulated but still are acting unethically, I will be complaining to the FSA as, i am sure they have given other investors in the UK incorrect information. Stupid people, cannot do their job properly, if they are not sure about a query they should be factual when replying to guessing. STAY AWAY!


Hello, it's not scam, however they are thieves. You will find soon why. 1) premium.. You can't hold gold investments normal way, daily premium is so high, that they practically rob you. 2) instant fees: another robbery, you pay extremly high fees, not even seeing it 3) leverage tricks: if you open BUY position, the positive leverage is always different from negative. In clear words: you gain slow way, loose very fast way :) 4) THEIR RATES ARE ONLINE, BUT MAY DIFFER! its in contract even mentioned. so sometimes they just sent ping with wrong data, to in fact shut down carefuly created positions. Data just for short time hit high or low position, so your position is closed in worst moment. Get away from this jewery.Btw. this company banks in Israel, and its def. not UK company. They also charge you way more during deposit and return way less during payback. They simply ROB YOU LEGALY :)))


What suryan 1 says is not true. They will pay bonuses, and plus500 is a serious company. I have been trading with them since they became a known foreign exchange broker and never had any issues. The posts here about plus500 being a scam is the real lies. Forex is hard, if you expect plus500 to magically make forex something easy, then you are the problem. I get annoyed when reading all the crap above, half of it is not true, and once you finally have a good cfd broker in the market people will try to kill it by giving it a bad rep.

Craig Smith

Plus 500 is a great platform for anyone starting out in online trading. The platform is extreamly user friendly and offers a nice range of commodities and stocks to to invest in. I'd reccommend everyone give it a go and with all this talk of a scam..... come on.... you obviously didnt trade well. ;) I will continue to trade with plus500 as I am satisfied so far!


i have been reading the coments on plus500 i agree in demo mode very good but try and go live no brother liked it and got a real account even though we live in england but when i tried i got an email from them saying the reason i was bloked was aml/risk when i asked them what this was i was told the department wont coment i found out it means anti money laundering risk.i sent them an email to complain as of 12/11/10 no respose.its a shame as the platform is great.

Wan Ishak

I have to agree with you that Plus 500 is one the most convenient methods of starting to trade futures, commodities and stocks as I have been very familiar with Trade Station. I share the same concern about the absence of Live Chat or telephone communications as I just wonder what happens if you are in a trade and suddenly either the internet connection or their platform goes down for a few days. You will have no opportunity to square your position by phone. That sounds eerie.


I deposit 500 USD to plus500 Within to weeks i made profit 250 USD So i withdraw 750 USD via my european Visa card on Friday On monday i got email it was sent refunded to Visa And today on Wednesday i see money on my bank account


I've read a lot of bad reviews about plus500 and that it's involved in fraudulent operations, but their platform is still one of the best to start trading with. still I would strongly advise you to open an account with small deposit, trade some, request a withdrawl, and if all goes will, use plus500 in the future.


hi i want to know about plus500 bonus amount withdraw what is the requirement for withdraw bonus amount after complte bonus point Waiting reply Thaks


Hi, i have been used plus500 for about 15 months now, i residue in canada, and i must tell you something, i came here on google and searched them back then and there was no reviews about them, so i decided to use them, and i deposited real money in, i think 500$, something that i've i lose it wont be a big deal. anyhow i got my phone bonus, and deposit bonus, and i lost it all trading. i deposit again, and made up my previous loss, then decided to withdrawal 500$ back. and guess what, i was able to withdrawal money with no problem. ever since then i have been using them, last week i withdrew 3000$, they only withdrew 200$ and kept 1000$ open. when i messaged them, i received a msg that say, sorry but the limit is 2000$/ day. and the rest will be released next. what i noticed is the release these withdrawals on every sunday, so today, sunday they will probably release the 1000$. i honestly was not gonna write a msg, but thought i would, just because usually unsatisfied members come on sites to write bad reviews. they are unsatisfied because either they lost there money trading which is very logical and you cannt blame it on your broker regardless of the broker. plus again use them on your own risk, since they are not FSA approved yet, so i dont suggest depositing big amounts of money until they do register. good luck


for those considering trading with Plus500, check The Belize International Financial Services Commission has warned that they are not registered and have been ordered to cease operations. My relative traded and made some profits but they closed his account and refuse to allow him to withdraw his profits

Forex For Dummies

Plus500 is not a scam company. I have started trading for 6 months and they pay my earning.


It's Scam. they paid me bonus, but after several successful trades, when I tried to withdraw my profit, my account has been locked. I asked them what's going on by e-mail and got answer: you account is deactivated and WILL NOT BE REACTIVATED AGAIN :-). Because I've provide incorrect information. What kind of information??? No answer. A pack of thieves...


Bei mir war das gleiche. wenn man sich erst bei plus 500 registriert und später den Bonus von 10 Pips erhalten will, bekommt man nie den Bonus. Was ist eigentlich wenn die einem den Zugang sperren, man kann dort nicht mal anrufen und auch kein life chat. Auch hatten die mir mehrmals die Leitung gekappt als Turbulenzen im Markt waren.Danach waren meist ein paar Positionen geschlossen. Manchmal verstecken sie dir auch die erste noch offene Order,sie verschiebt sich dann unter den oberen Rand der Ordermaske oder du kannst sie nicht löschen da sie blockiert ist.Ich bin jetzt seit ca,4 Monaten dabei und habe langsam einige Zweifel an den Ihrer Seriosietät. Auf E-Mail Antwort wartest du gewöhnlich 1 Woche.Wenn die den Laden zu machen hast du "keine" Ansprüche. Die Orderausführungen sind allerdings immer sehr genau was wiederum für Sie spricht. Hoffe auf weiter Post zu diesem Thema.


Hi, all. Just to answer few of the above queries, no 2 account can be opened from the same IP address with plus500. As you are in hostel may be someone else is using plus 500 so you couldnt open u r account. And other thing about WE CURRENTLY CANNOT ACCEPT TRADERS FROM YOUR COUNTRY , its because they are not available in every country so it has got nothing to do with their reliability. Myself being from Australia i am quiet happy with them as I ve been using plus 500 from last 5 months. However they keep on increasing their margin sometimes ( its not constant ) and usually very high for commodity like silver. I have no any problems with depost and withdrawl so far. But dont forget to read their policy as their are few x factors. Trade safe and have a good day all of you.

Jack Frith

Ihave read the reveiws on Plus500 and have a question,Has anyone out there actualy made a profit and recieved money.I aiso would like to know if it is aviable in Canada. THANKS for any replys Jack


Well I have see a lot said about I have to say I was tempted to go to try real account, but now I know what people are talking about. Plus500 is most probably not a scam, but I would like to suggest you one thing Read User Agreement !!!!!!!!!! All of it!!!!!! Yeah, their whole business is based around that agreement. They basically can do whatever they like with your money (change quoted price, move your funds without prior notice, they can close your acount based on margin call without prior notice and the list goes on and on...If I get a opportunity from daily forex I would do their "User agreement" review. There is a lot that would convince youto stay well away from them. Well I can tell you I would not touch them even with your money :-)


This site is great I did the validation and got my bonus in AED as i redside in UAE and I did some profits and since i am a beginer i lost all my bonus now. Hope they give me another chance without deposit as i am not in position to invest now. if any of you know similar site please email me. plus500 is a great site i am just thinking weather to invest or not please help me.


I have tried using plus500 platform in demo mode.Its really usefull to me but I am not sure how long it take to transfer the profit I gain if in real account.


I have a problem with Plus500, unable to log into account with the message: WE CURRENTLY CANNOT ACCEPT TRADERS FROM YOUR COUNTRY. I don't have multiple accounts and I trade for a month now. Can anybody help me what to do? I live in a student hostel and everybody has the same IP adress, and at home we got a router and my brother uses plus500 too with the same IP. Could it be a problem, and if it is whats the solution?

Nelson Pereira

I´ve registered plus500 2 weeks ago and they gave me the € 20,00 bonus of validating phone. The platform works really great for me, only a minor problem encountered, that one time it could not show the charts for about 2 min. Since then it has worked perfectly. oh, almost forgot, working with wireless internet connection it logs out sometimes, i guess doe to signal losses.

Tony Mattar

Plus500 is a good company not a scam IMO. They sent me the bonus upon phone validation. The platform is solid. Charting tools are weak. Stable. I will use them for one reason they offer all instruments tradable in the sane platform. Excellent actually amazing that is available. Keep up the good work plus500. Thanks.


I started off just a couple of days ago , but i got my 20 euros from the phone validation and the platform works great for me. I am from Denmark by the way. I will stick to them and see what happens. I for one like plus 500.


I too have had the message WE CURRENTLY CANNOT ACCEPT TRADERS FROM YOUR COUNTRY. I emailed them and got a response within 24 hours saying: Hello, We are currently in the process of becoming fully licensed in the UK. This should take an additional 2-3 months. Until then, we cannot accept customers from the UK. Sincerely, George Customer Support Representative


Today i have the same problem with Plus500, unable to log into account with the message being WE CURRENTLY CANNOT ACCEPT TRADERS FROM YOUR COUNTRY. As yet no replies to my emails.


this website is the best its not a scam they did give me bonus after i validated my phone


well when I say rock solid platform I mean rock solid business actually. if my only issue was support it wouldn't bother me but apart from that i think i would wait and see what some more people say about this company.


Sorry about that testing to see if i had to log in to post, anyhow , I found this Platform Plus 500 the demo looks good , but the regulation worries me, I'm specifically looking to get exposure to Oil and/or commodities, does anyone know of a rock solid platform for this? I currently have an account with FXCM for FX. Great site yo have here at Dailyforex, just found it really like the reviews ++


hello i had made a plus500 account and iwas wining about 200 euros but today i couldn't login ??? i send them an e-mail and they told me that i had opened some accounts so they terminated my account ...well yes BUT NOT FOR ME THEY WERE FOR 2 FRIENDS ....!!and also with one of them i work in the same job so we enter in plus500 from the same computer !!! so why did the terminate my account ? ( well i have send them an e- mail with my complains and explanations ) who knows maybe they did it to take my money ??!!! if the won't enable my account again what can i do to take my 200 eyros ... thank you for reading my e-mail account is


I am already trading there for more than a month, I'm very satisfied and didn't had any problems to withdraw - so I'm sure they are not a scam. I agree for the support issue, but it is not too significant in my opinion.

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