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Marketiva is now operating under the company name AGEA Jinrong DOO and is no longer accepting traders under the former Marketiva brand. Please see our full AGEA review to learn more about this Forex broker.

Marketiva has established itself as an industry leader thanks to its advanced trading platform and its highly recommended customer service. Marketiva state they have “more than 260,000 serviced users, 150,000 unique and live trading accounts, and more than 2.7 million live orders executed each month”.
No minimum deposits are required to open an account with Marketiva. Actually, when you first log in, your account is already charged with $2.5 in real money, and $100,000 virtual money. The same account and platform are used for practice money and for the real money, so only a click of a button is needed to determine which funds you wish to use. Best of all, a $5 reward is given for opening a new account and depositing only $1. Marketiva’s rates are between 2-4 pips for the major pairs, offering less than 20 pairs all together. The leverage they offer is of 1:100, allowing a minimum trade unit of 1 lot! In addition to FOREX trading, Marketiva also allows trading funds, offering a list of 7 funds to choose from.
The process of opening up a Marketiva account is quick and easy.  Registration process is simple, and requires only minimal details for opening the account. No further procedures were required for downloading the software, which is also a quick and easy process.
Streamster, Marketiva’s software, is known for its ease of use and flexibility. It has a high-tech look & feel, yet it is simple and intuitive enough for a beginner to understand.  The software includes advanced charting tools, which are fully customizable, and enable opening positions right from the charts themselves.
Accounts can be managed through the “Account Center” on Marketiva’s website, so it is not necessary to actually be logged into the Streamster download software, to follow account balance, open positions and trades.
Deposit and withdrawal processes are executed through the web “Account Center”, and are clear and easy to follow through.
To make a deposit, the following payment methods are available on Marketiva: Wire transfer, E-Gold, E-Bullion, E-Diner and Web Money. No fees are charged for deposits, however, these payment methods do accrue charges for withdrawals.
The fee for withdrawing by wire transfer is $14.00, while for all the rest it is $7.00 and only for the first withdraw.
Around the clock customer support is available from professionals with any questions that may arise, technical as well as trade related.  Marketiva’s support standard is regarded by users as one of the highest in this field. This is despite the fact that support is provided mainly via email, and through the public chat-room, open be read by all clients.
A multitude of additional services and resources are offered the trader.  A section of FAQs, dealing with general issues of trade in the FOREX market, as well as specific questions about operating their software, is available on the website. The answers cover lots of ground, although not in the most enticing way.
Market news and alerts are provided from within the system, to aid traders with their decision making processes.
Instrument Profiles are also provided. These profiles contain detailed information categorized in several sections, allowing the trader to make a better decision on which instrument to trade.
Marketiva enables clients to chat online with other traders, so they can discuss market events and trends, and exchange ideas and tips.
To further enhance the community atmosphere, Marketiva runs Marketiva Masters Tournaments. Marketiva posts a list of traders who made the most profits during the last month and during the previous year. The #1 earner is named Marketiva Master of the month or year.
The user-friendly software, high quality support, advanced community tools and low risk requirements, all make Marketiva very attractive for a newcomer to the FOREX market.

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General Information

Company Information

  • Headquarter : United States
  • Regulation :

Account Information

  • U.S. Clients Allowed :
  • Maximum Leverage : N/A

Pros and Cons

  • User-friendly software
  • Chat with others while trading
  • Demo account and real money account on the same platform
  • Low minimum deposit – only $1
  • High standard customer support
  • Trading platform is download only
  • Account Management done separately on website
  • Users report high slippage
  • English only
  • Blocked for US based

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3 User Reviews

Marketiva has changed it's name to AGEA.

They still offer $5 free when you open an account, and they still have the same easy-to-use Streamster platform, but they have also introduced MT4.

I like AGEA because it doesn't need a high deposit to start. Nothing needed for Streamster and only $10 for MT4. Plus their Live Support is really helpful.

It takes longer to verify your account thank with Marketiva but the Live Support helped me through it, and it worth it for security of my money.


marketiva is a easy forex platform

Jamil Raza

Thumbs up for Marketiva

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