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When looking into, the first thing you will notice is that there are several different options for a trader to take. The first thing that the client will have to be aware of is that some of the signals are not US compliant, meaning that they sometimes hedge the market. However, this is clearly stated on the website to let you know ahead of time, and will certainly not be problematic for anyone who is located outside of the United States.

Available Forex Signal Services

The two that we took a look at were Pipsopolis and FX Amplified. The two systems are different in the sense that the signals are more aggressive in the FX Amplified signals are considered to be ultra-low risk, while the Pipsopolis system is considered to be high risk. That being said, they seem to work on a relatively similar model. The trader can have the signals sent to them, or better yet – the account can be “attached” to the EA, meaning that the MetaTrader platform doesn’t even have to be up and running in order to receive them. Needless to say, this automatic set up is a very popular feature offered by today’s top Forex signal services. Set up of this service was just as easy as setting up a regular service was

The FX Amplified signals come a bit slower, hence the ultra-low risk rating. This service is ideal for a more cautious trader, or perhaps one that thinks more along the lines of an investor in the forex markets. The Pipsopolis indicator is much more aggressive, and therefore fires off more signals. This of course increases the risk involved, but in the end does tend to show profits. During the latter half of the month of April, we realized a gain of 1.57% using the system. However, it must be said that the markets were very sideways during the point in time, making even the quicker system a bit slower than usual due to the lack of trading opportunities.

While we did not try it out, there is also a live trading room that is free of charge for the general public to enter, and possibly follow trading signals as they appear. Because of this, you have the ability to see how the various “team traders” function and how they look at the markets. This can be a significant advantage for anyone looking to learn the skills of Forex trading firsthand.

The signals are available for purchase via PayPal and Liberty Reserve for your convenience.

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