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  • Regulation : None
  • Country : British Virgin Islands

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Established : 1997
Country : British Virgin Islands


  • Demo Account
  • Choice of Accounts


  • No Bonuses or Promotions
  • Not Much Educational Material
  • No Information on Funding

KerfordFX Review

KerfordFX Investments Ltd was founded in 1997 and is located in Tortola, a British Virgin Island. KerfordFX is a global market maker trading on all major financial markets around the world with 15 years of dedicated experience. They offer online trading services in Forex, CFDs, and Futures markets to institutional and individual clients across the globe with a wide presence in more than 20 international locations.


Traders can choose between two different accounts at KerfordFX—an individual account and a corporate account.

Through these accounts, investors can manage and trade a wide range of financial instruments from across the world from a single trading platform. This all-in-one trading capability makes it possible to trade Forex, Stocks CFDs, Index CFDs, Commodity CFDs and Bullion from the same platform. The interface is fast and intuitive and provides all the information a trader may need.

I was pleased to see when doing this review that a demo account is offered to traders just starting off in the Forex and CFD markets but the 30 day limit for its use, which is considered quite short in the industry, is a disappointment.

KerfordFX Investments uses both variable Forex and CFD spreads with pricing feeds coming from various sources. Clients are provided with flexible leverage ability with up to 1:200 for trading in Forex, CFDs and Futures and there is no commission charged. Rollover swaps are allowed.


An interesting feature at KerfordFX is their recently launched real estate derivative. By using a downloaded program, Traders can invest in KerfordFX REID Trader which is secured through the U.S. Mortgage System.

This delivers to investors high growth, low risk investments and its unique business model offers remarkable flexibility and encompasses many advantages not offered by traditional investments. The KerfordFX REID offers various options to meet the needs of both the active and passive investor.

KerfordFX’s main thrust is its Forex, CFD and metals markets. The website’s description of its Forex business is outlined in an unusual manner. Rather than in a textual format, the information is listed in bullet form. The main types of Forex trades are the Spot market, the Futures market, the Forward market, Swaps and Options.

Trading CFDs at KerfordFX enables investors to trade on international markets in an easy and convenient way. It makes available access to multiple markets from a single trading platform with low margins. CFDs help traders utilize the entire global financial market by means of speculation and hedging with a minimum initial deposit. This makes it attractive for most institutional investors and market makers.

CFD Types
CFD Types

KerfordFX provides traders with leverage to generate maximum returns out of CFD trading with an initial minimum deposit of $1000. Their CFD margins range from as little as 0.5% to 10% across various CFD products, a higher potential return in CFD trading in contrast to other trades.

Bullion and metals are one of the most preferred investment vehicles across financial world and KerfordFX offers both. They are denominated in US Dollars and are traded by major players like central banks, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other Institutional Investors who prefer bullion and metals for settlement of debts and as a primary hedging tool against inflation.

KerfordFX provides all major bullion and metals for futures trading at an attractive margin with just $1000 as the minimum margin deposit. Lots are offered in small lot sizes.


The educational material at KerfordFX was somewhat lacking which is a shame. Aside from some technical and fundamental analysis and an ebook, there were no lessons, webinars or tutorials on the site.

The page with economic data did provide descriptions of some economic terms and the FAQ page listed some interesting information primarily about Forex and their other products, but there were no updated news reports or up-to-date economic information.

An economic calendar was also missing.


With a partnership alliance the picture looks better. KerfordFX’s Introducing Brokers program is designed to direct other brokers’ clients to their trading platforms where partner brokers can earn lucrative commissions depending on the number of clients and their trading volume. KerfordFX provides complete back-office services including account application approvals, deposits and withdrawal requests and an advanced online trading platform where clients’ trade confirmations, open positions and account statements are updated automatically. In addition, they receive advanced charting and technical studies, real-time news feeds and administrative support.

Customer Support

Traders can reach a KerfordFXFx representative 24/6 by Chat, and by filling out a call back response form. Telephone contact is also available.

The website is offered in English and Arabic.


KerfordFXFx is a broker with an established presence in more than 20 countries worldwide. Their services are especially suited to small to mid-sized traders and they are being successfully used by novice investors as well as more savvy traders including money managers, hedge fund traders, as well as high net worth individuals.


  • Demo Account
  • Choice of Accounts


  • No Bonuses or Promotions
  • Not Much Educational Material
  • No Information on Funding

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