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  • Headquarter : India
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  • Type of Platform : MetaTrader 4

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When we first logged in the site, we had good expectations. The site is pretty and welcoming; an attractive white-toothed lady in the picture igave us an immediate will to invest with Instant Pip and all seems very well. However, the more we began to investigate the company, we discovered some unpleasant results and got more disgruntled than we’d bargained for.

First and most disturbing of all - The site's main representative is Aditi Thakkar. She presents as very lovely, but as soon as we started to ask probing questions about the service, she ignored and blocked us so that we couldn't actually obtain real information.

After this we wanted to know a little bit more about the people doing the work. We went, as usual, to the 'About Us' page, and were disappointed (yet not entirely surprised) to discover the information given there is very limited, which not only prevents us (and other traders, undoubtedly) to get a true feel of their services, but also raises serious suspicions about what the company is trying to hide.
Perhaps the most distressing thing we noticed during our InstantPip review is that if one is to check the brokerage's performance he will discover no losses, which may be impressive but as any trader knows – not really possible. Losing is 'part of the game', and if you don’t have any losses, it raises questions about the company’s scruples, reporting tactics and integrity. This site feels more and more like scam for unwitting first-time traders, who for sure will be not aware of what to look for when choosing a signals service. One last disturbing fact – the company is based in India, but there is no mention of this anywhere on the site. Which leads us to ask again – what exactly are they trying to hide? And why?

To sum up, we strongly advise any traders to avoid like the plague and to select a signal service that will be open and honest with its traders.

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I am a representative from instantpip team. We are dedicated to provide best available services to our client. We are constantly updating our software and providing it with new features. If our support was not up to the mark than we will surely concentrate more on that area. We will soon launch a issue tracker, so as not to miss any of queries or issues. Our tradeCopier is unique and broker independent. This TradeCopier can trade millions of client simultaneously. Core of this TradeCopier is messaging adapter, which is developed by us for one of our stock exchange client.

InstantPIP Team
Viithiisys Technology
E-51, Industrial Area,Phase 8
Mohali, Punjab 160 071

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