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In the world of currency trading, it has become imperative the need for a very good Signal Provider to enhance ones winnings. FXGEO has a system that has been back tested and proven to work; they provide expertise advice on trading technique.
If precise and safe entries must be achieved FXGEO advices the use of stop-loss orders, in additional to that signals are sent before news releases and corrected depending on real market sentiments. While FXGEO wishes that its clients go for decent spreads of 1-2 pips, clients should also be aware of its broker’s instant execution policies and how well stop-loss and take-profits are adequately honored.
Signals are sent via email to clients with entry instructions of +5 pips or -5 pips away from recommended entry price. On its websites vivid examples are outlaid to illustrate signals and entry instructions for clients’ convenience. Conditions for Limit Orders are met when the 15-min candle stick closes below proposed level for any signal received.
Meanwhile, FXGEO welcomes partners as partnership programs are available based on request.
Money Management is fundamental when trading signals on FXGEO, subscribers are employed to risk 3% of entire equity on a 1:100 leveraged account, usually this is done on a 1% margin account.
This entire service cost $90/month, with subsidies of $240/3 month, and $450/6 month. This is subject to change when SMS is used in signal delivery, due to SMS expenditures. Alternatively, for this charge to be static clients could rather subscribe to email signals and web base login signal access. Charge backs are guaranteed to unhappy clients due to the use of paypal as the primary payment system for this service.
One of the interesting points to note here is the statement by FXGEO to its clients, stating that customers that are unable to make 50 pips a month using the signal can ask for outright refunds within 30 days of signup. This also includes a 7 days free trial.
Some drawbacks can include the non-allowance of shared account details, non-trading of excessive volatile pairs like AUD/JPY & GBP/JPY and probably the fact that signals can be about 2/day.
It won’t bite if you try this service out, when there is a pay back guarantee…. I tell you to go for it.

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