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When comparing brokers, traders are eager to know how to calculate the Pips value on different currency transactions. The new DailyForex Pip Calculator Widget was developed so that traders can compute for themselves the exact Pip value of each transaction before placing the trade.

Like the other DailyForex widgets, the Pip Calculator Widget can be custom designed to suit the tastes of every trader. This means that every part of the widget such as the font style and size, the colors for the background, description and even the credits, can be selected beforehand so as to reflect the individual palate of the trader. Most important is the accuracy of the Pip value Calculator which performs the calculation instantaneously and is based on the most recent rate of exchange.

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Please note that the widget installation code will be sent to the email address you provide here. The widget code cannot be changed in any way, or the code will be invalidated.

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