S&P 500 Forecast: Waits for Clarity of Fed’s Intentions, for Some Reason

Against the backdrop of these prevailing conditions, the market is poised to sustain its characteristic volatility. 

  • The S&P 500 index remained closed on Monday due to the Labor Day observance in the United States. Consequently, interpreting the futures market activity for the day requires cautious consideration, especially since it stood above the 4500 level.
  • A potential breakthrough above Friday's shooting star formation might herald an ascent toward the 4600 level. Notably, this milestone corresponds closely with the index's recent historical high.
  • Conversely, a decisive dip below the 4500 level could trigger a downward shift toward the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), potentially extending to the 4400 level below it.

An essential aspect to bear in mind involves the myriad of global events demanding careful attention, contributing to the anticipated heightened volatility in the S&P 500 market. Amidst this backdrop, as September commences, an influx of liquidity is anticipated as traders return from their summer hiatus. Furthermore, significant uncertainty envelops the Federal Reserve's forthcoming actions, exerting considerable influence on the S&P 500. Intriguingly, the past 14 years have predominantly witnessed dynamics fueled by liquidity considerations, rather than being driven by fundamental factors.

Inflation is the Key

Against the backdrop of these prevailing conditions, the market is poised to sustain its characteristic volatility. The crux lies in identifying an impulsive candlestick pattern that can serve as a reliable guiding indicator. Although market volatility is expected, the emergence of discernible momentum in a specific direction is anticipated over time. As the next few days unfold, exercising prudence remains advisable as market participants navigate the complex landscape of capital flows. Despite the anticipated fluctuations, it's worth noting that the current technical outlook aligns with an overarching uptrend. This augurs well for short-term trends. Nevertheless, it's important to underscore that a breach below the 4400 level could potentially signify a notable shift towards bearish sentiment.

In conclusion, the Labor Day closure, and the associated limitations on market activity prompt cautious evaluation of the available cues. As the market gears up to resume trading, vigilance, and strategic decision-making will be pivotal in effectively navigating the intricate dynamics of the S&P 500 index. The markets will be looking for liquidity, and to what happens next. Wall Street will be looking for a handout, but will the Fed have to remain tight? Inflation is the key and the only thing that most traders will be following.

S&P 500

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Christopher Lewis

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