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EUR/USD Forecast: Continues to Fight Overhang

At the moment, rising interest rates in the bond market are making the US dollar a more attractive asset, further complicating the euro's path to recovery.

The EUR/USD faced a tough battle in the recent trading session as it attempted to rally, but the absence of substantial momentum suggests that it's not out of the woods yet. The market sentiment appears to be tilting towards a bearish stance for the euro, and there are several key factors contributing to this outlook.

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    One significant development is the euro's recent break through its previous channel, which points to the currency's struggle with the European Central Bank's (ECB) decisions. The ECB did raise interest rates recently, but it left the impression that it might have concluded its monetary tightening phase. On the other hand, the Federal Reserve in the United States still holds the potential for at least one interest rate hike and is committed to bringing inflation down to 2%. This divergence in central bank policies is a crucial factor in the market sentiment.

    The negative size of the candlestick observed on Thursday is another noteworthy indicator. Such candlesticks rarely occur in isolation, and in the current trend, the most significant candlesticks have all been on the downside. This pattern suggests that the market sentiment is leaning towards a "fade the rally" approach.

    A psychological benchmark for the euro is the 1.05 level, which is likely to draw significant attention. While it may seem like an enticing target, reaching it may not be straightforward. The euro-dollar pair has a historical tendency to exhibit choppiness, and recent months have reinforced a decidedly bearish sentiment.

    Avoid Going Long on This Pair

    • For those considering a long position on this pair, a breakthrough above the 200-day Exponential Moving Average is necessary.
    • However, such a shift in sentiment would require a substantial change in the stances of both the ECB and the Federal Reserve.
    • At the moment, rising interest rates in the bond market are making the US dollar a more attractive asset, further complicating the euro's path to recovery.

    In summary, the euro finds itself in a challenging environment with a lack of momentum indicating a bearish trend. The recent decisions of the ECB have played a significant role in this shift, while the Federal Reserve's commitment to interest rate hikes continues to make the US dollar an attractive option. The road ahead appears steep, and the critical focus point is the 1.05 level. Until there is a substantial change in attitude from both central banks, the prospect of going long on this pair remains a distant one.


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