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Silver Forecast: Continues to Grind Away

Volatility is a norm in the silver market, as it is a smaller market than gold and almost behaves like a leveraged ETF based on gold. 

  • The silver market is experiencing some resistance during the trading session on Thursday, despite attempting to rally and eking out gains.
  • Traders are facing a headache as they struggle to navigate the market, which is heavily influenced by risk appetite and bond market yields.
  • The 200-Day EMA and the $22 psychological level are also significant factors that could cause more volatility.

The recent formation of a hammer followed by an inverted hammer, with today's market appearing rather choppy, suggests that the market is paying close attention to these candlestick patterns. If the hammer from Tuesday breaks down, it could trigger a flood of selling, while a break above the inverted hammer from Wednesday could generate buying pressure and propel silver toward the $23.50 level. On the downside, if silver breaks down below the hammer from Tuesday, it could fall all the way back to the $20 level.

Volatility is a norm in the silver market, as it is a smaller market than gold and almost behaves like a leveraged ETF based on gold. However, the market is at a critical inflection point, making it crucial to look for an impulsive candlestick on the daily chart to determine the directionality of the market. Silver experienced a significant rise recently, and it remains to be seen whether it can sustain that momentum.

Pay Close Attention to Risk Appetite

In recent times, the precious metals market has been subject to volatility due to concerns over inflation and economic uncertainty. Investors have turned to precious metals as a hedge against inflation, causing prices to skyrocket. The price of silver has experienced a significant surge, rallying to nearly $30 per ounce in February 2021, its highest level since 2013. However, since then, prices have been fluctuating, leading to some uncertainty in the market.

Silver is a critical metal used in various industries, including electronics, jewelry, and medical equipment. Its industrial use makes it sensitive to global economic conditions, which can cause demand to fluctuate. Despite this sensitivity, silver remains an essential asset for investors due to its potential to act as a hedge against inflation and market uncertainty.

At the end of the day, the silver market is experiencing resistance, and traders need to pay close attention to factors such as risk appetite, bond market yields, the 200-Day EMA, and the $22 psychological level. Volatility is a norm in the market, making it critical to watch for impulsive candlestick patterns on the daily chart to determine market directionality. Despite its sensitivity to global economic conditions, silver remains an asset for investors looking for a hedge against inflation and market uncertainty. In other words, there is something for everyone now.


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