ADA/USD: Crucial Support Broken and Lower Values Considered

ADA/USD has broken through critical support levels and is testing values not demonstrated since February of 2021.

ADA/USD fell to nearly 91 cents during the past weekend. Although a reversal higher was accomplished and a high of nearly 1.170000 was seen on Sunday, ADA/USD has again fallen under the duress of strong headwinds. Cardano is trading in correlation to the broad cryptocurrency market which continues to show a lot of nervous sentiment.

A troubling indicator for ADA/USD is that it is trading below its lower prices seen in June and July of 2021. The technical fact that Cardano is a lower value now, after falling to the values seen during June and July after achieving its highs in mid-May of last year are cause for alarm. The reason for this is that after the over exuberant bubble popped last spring, ADA/USD was able to find a level of support in June and July, and then actually achieve all-time record values in early September of 2021 over 3.000000 per token.

The ability of ADA/USD to crash below the June and July support levels, after achieving the record highs of this past September shows the current massive selloff is greater than the selloff seen late last spring and into the summer. As of this writing, ADA/USD is hovering near the 1.000000 mark and this may be considered a strong barometer short term for Cardano. However, the token has traded beneath this depth only a few days ago.

If ADA/USD is able to sustain a value below the 1.000000 juncture traders will need to consider the potential that Cardano may be ready to test values not seen since the second week of February of 2021. The current price range that ADA/USD is traversing is dangerous because if the current values are not able to be sustained and February prices from last year are seriously challenged, then ADA/USD could test the electric fast conditions which saw it climb in value from nearly 40 cents at the end of last January until hitting the one dollar per token value in the third week of February 2021.

ADA/USD remains stuck in a bad bearish trend. Traders who are tempted to believe ADA/USD has been oversold and remain optimistic about upwards momentum are urged to use stop losses if they want to wager against the prevailing trend and look for upside.

Speculators who want to sell ADA/USD cannot be blamed, but they may want to use quick hitting take profit orders so profits do not vanish via reversals which go against their short positions. ADA/USD is volatile and risk management is crucial. Traders who decide to speculate on Cardano under the present conditions need to remain realistic about their price targets.

Cardano Short-Term Outlook

Current Resistance: 1.058000

Current Support: 0.967000

High Target: 1.162000

Low Target: 0.895000


Robert Petrucci
Robert Petrucci has worked in the Forex, commodity, and financial profession since 1993. Important aspects of his work involve risk analysis and advisory services. As an advisor in a Family Office he maintains a conservative approach for wealth management and investments. Robert also works in private finance with investors and companies delivering financial and management services.