BTC/USD Jumps to Near the $9000 High - 28 May 2019


The BTC/USD price jumped to the $9000 high. The popularity of digitized digital currency has increased recently with the growing interest of major companies in dealing with Bitcoin. AT & T Inc. Last week said it would allow its customers to pay bills using Bitcoin or Bitcoin-cash. This follows news that Fidelity Investments is finalizing plans to buy and sell encrypted digital currency to enterprise customers. The world's first encrypted digital currency, Bitcoin, has risen nearly 70% this month despite concerns from some analysts around the world.

Bitcoin’s recent gains this year have increased following a painful downward trend that lasted most of last year. Speculators are betting that the race will continue as more enterprises begin to create their own encrypted currencies or launch projects using Block-chain technology.

On the daily chart and despite the gains of the BTC/USD pair, the price of the Bitcoin is still well below last year's highs, indicating that there may be room for testing higher levels. On the other hand, speculators are hoping that the BTC/USD pair will suffer from strong saturation levels, which could lead to a significant decline with profit taking.


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