Will Time Inc. Save Bitcoin? - 17 December 2014


By: Stephanie Brown

Major magazine publisher Time Inc. just announced a partnership with Coinbase that will enable readers to pay for their subscriptions in Bitcoin. Time stated that are very excited about the partnership and will work closely with the Bitcoin industry in order to provide greater value to its subscribers. Many industry experts believe that the announcement will start a trend in which other magazine publishers will look to familiarize themselves with Bitcoin technology. With Time allowing its subscribers to pay with Bitcoin, experts believe that there could be a day in the near future where users will be able to “tip” a writer of an article that they particularly enjoyed.

A while ago, a hacker who goes by the name BitcoinTalk found a glitch in Blockchain, last and removed 267 Bitcoins from the Blockchain wallets. Interestingly, the hacker returned all of the Bitcoins to their rightful owners and explained to them and Blockchain the security flaws and how to avoid such future attacks of this nature. Many industry experts believe that the white-hat hacker plugged the holes in the Blockchain environment.

Technical Analysis

The BTC/USD has fallen vertically from $350 all the way until $326. The overall trend is down, with no buying interest lurking on the horizon. As of now it is finding support at $326 and $318 on the downside, while $334 and $344 continue to remain its major resistances on the upside.

Actionable Insight

Sell the BTC/USD below $329 for target of $324, $318 with a stop-loss of $332.

BTCUSD 121714

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