GBP/NZD Signal- January 1, 2013

By: International FX Trading

Currency: GBP/NZD
Method: Tracking Institutional Trends
Description:Monthly chart develops an ascending wedge reversal. The weekly ends up in a bullish engulfing candle and the lows might be in place. The daily chart is busy with a head and shoulders reversal and we will be looking for a buying opportunity on the dip.
Recommendation: Buy at 1.9280 – stop ( 100 pips min) . Limit at 1.2060.
Aggressive traders can take small shorts from current levels and stop/reverse for longs at 1.9280’s.
Note: This is for swing/position traders only.

GBPNZD monthly 1113

GBPNZD Daily 1113

This signal was provided by Pieter de Necker from International FX Trading, a South Africa-based signals service that provides regular signals as well as live trading training options.