EUR/USD, Euro's Rise has Help Today

By: Bradley C. Smith

 Unbending in the past with this recent rise power, the Euro's will, will be tested again. There is a forecast to aid it's climb into territory it has not tread upon for a long time. A forbidding forecast for the Dollar once again, details below. Each technical indicator would like to see the EUR/USD plummet, the trend and GDP are powerful fighters to overcome though, when you are lagging behind.

Though they are at or above their centerlines, the technicals on the three hour chart give this pair a easier excuse to rise than the daily's technicals. The big players are still the GDP goliath ready to lay down it's demands upon the EUR/USD and the trend.

8:30am est USD

Advance GDP q/q                    Forecast 2.5%                                      Previous 2.7%