EUR/USD- Candles Climbing, Uptrend Won't Bend

By: Bradley C. Smith

A forecast that holds no potency, following the previous numbers, forces us to look into the windows of the technicals for some insight as to where the EUR/USD might be in about 24 hours. With each technical pegged to the ceiling, they are screaming that sentiment of traders will soon turn to selling. Against the trend however, this will be a touch tide to turn on a one news item day.

Candles climbing to the top, the three hour builds a tower to the sun. Will it be burned? Each indicator on the three hour chart as well, sends us a signal to sell. Trading against the trend with one new item and a forecast that does not favor any side of a pair... if that is not how you would want your money managed, then why trade your own money that way?

8:30am est USD
Building Permits                                 Forecast 0.57M                       Previous 0.57M


EUR/USD Technical Analysis- Candles Climbing