Weekly Economic & Political Timeline

Economic Political Calendar

This week has a similar schedule to last week, with central bank input due only from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and testimony from the Federal Reserve, although there will also be a few other important items.

The market is likely to be most active on Wednesday.

Monday is a public holiday in the U.S.A., Canada, and France.

U.S. Dollar

It will be a reasonably important week for the greenback, starting on Wednesday with a release of CPI (inflation) data followed by testimony from the Chair of the Federal Reserve before congress. There will be further testimony on Thursday. Finally, we will get Retail Sales data on Friday.

New Zealand Dollar

It will be an important week for the Kiwi, starting on Tuesday with a release of Inflation Expectations data from the RBNZ. On Wednesday, the RBNZ will release its Monetary Policy and Rate Statements plus its Official Cash Rate, followed by the usual press conference. 

British Pound

It will be an important week for the Pound, starting on Monday with a release of Preliminary GDP data. On Wednesday we will get CPI (inflation) data. Finally, Thursday will bring Retail Sales numbers.

Chinese Yuan

Monday will see the release of Chinese New Loans data.

Australian Dollar

It will be a relatively quiet week for the Aussie, starting on Wednesday with a release of Wage Price Index data. On Thursday we will get Unemployment Rate and Employment Change numbers. 

Canadian Dollar

It will be a quiet week for the Loonie, with nothing due except a minor speech from the Governor of the Bank of Canada on Friday.

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