Ex-Brexit Chief: No-Deal Exit is Fraught With Risk


BrexitThe Former Brexit Chief Philip Rycroft warned against a no-deal Brexit outcome, adding that such an outcome would be “fraught with risk.”

Both Theresa May potential successors have declared in the past that they’re ready to leave the European Union without a deal, something that has concerned analysts and the investors, since leaving the EU without a transition would have bad effects on the economy. Some UK politicians are not worried by this, as they think those issues could be quickly overcame.

Some optimists have suggested that the UK could renegotiate May’s deal, which has been repeatedly rejected by the commons, however, nothing seems to suggest that the European Union leadership is willing to agree with such a move, as it has repeatedly refused to re-open the negotiations.

Roycroft said that this was an “unprecedent situation” (referring to the fact that the UK is planning to leave the EU), which doesn’t mean there is not going to be a negative impact.

“This has been an extraordinary exercise to which the civil service is responding brilliantly well” he said, “the planning I think is in good shape, absolutely…but of course what that doesn’t mean is that there won’t be an impact from Brexit, and particularly a no-deal Brexit, because that is a very major change and it would be a very abrupt change to our major trading relationship,” he added on an interview he had with Panorama.

The Ex-Brexit chief also said that it was on the United Kingdom’s interests to leave with a deal, just as the European Union’s, adding that accepting a no-deal situation would be “taking a step into the unknown.”

The United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union at the end of October, however, is still not clear if they would do so with a transition or not.

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