British Premier: Duty of Mp's to Support Brexit Bill


The British premier Theresa May said that it's the British MP's duty to ensure a clear Brexit outcome.

"When MP's come to look at this bill, come to vote on this legislation, I'm sure they will be thinking of the duty we have to ensure we deliver on the vote of the British public," she said when asked whether she would resign if her new deal proposal is rejected by the House of Commons. The Commons has rejected May's plans three times.

May aims to have approved her new withdrawal bill before the parliamentary recess in the summer, however, it seems she is going to struggle since the Labour Party doesn't seem to have the will to endorse any deal without their previous approval. Many Labour MP's wouldn't support a deal without a confirmatory referendum, which is against May's wishes since she and many conservative MP's are willing to take the 2016 referendum outcome into account.

“Without an agreement and real compromise and movement by the government out of these talks, we’re talking about a Withdrawal Agreement Bill that’s based on the same botched Brexit deal that has been rejected three times already by Parliament,” said Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman.

Theresa May is currently advancing talks with the Labour party in order to reach a deal that would satisfy both parts. However, Jeremy Corbyn's spokesman claimed that they've not been able to reach an agreement since there is a considerable gap in their positions. He added that Corbyn is concerned about negotiating with a government that he considers "in a process of disintegration" and whose potential new leaders don't support this process.

The British government is also advancing talks with other parties in order to assure a majority for the new bill. Among those parties is the Democratic Unionist Party.

“We’re having lots of discussions across the House, with colleagues, with confidence and supply partners, with the opposition as you’ve seen," said the Prime Minister's spokesman, " That work will continue as we strive to build a sustainable majority for this Bill. The imperative for passing it is I think entirely clear, which is that if we can get this legislation through then we will be able to give effect to the clearly expressed view of the British people in the referendum to leave the European Union, ” he added.

Whether the United Kingdom will leave the European Union with or without a deal is still not clear, the new Brexit deadline was set for late October after delaying it twice.

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