British Government and Labour Party Aim to End Brexit Deadlock


The British government and the Labour Party leadership are heading for new Brexit talks that aim to end the deadlock. However, according to the shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer, any deal should be approved by the public in a confirmatory referendum, otherwise, several Labour MPs would oppose it.

On the other hand, many Labour and Conservative MPs think it's necessary to take the 2016 referendum outcome into account, together with Prime Minister Theresa May. May, who has been forced to hold talks with the Labour party, would need to establish her red lines regarding a potential deal with Labour.

"A significant number of Labour MPs, probably 120 if not 150, would not back a deal if it hasn't got a confirmatory vote," said Sir Keir Starmer, "If the point of the exercise is to get a sustainable majority, over several weeks or months of delivering on the implementation, you can't leave a confirmatory vote out of the package," he added.

The UK was set to leave the European Union on March 29 but obtained an extension after the UK parliament couldn't reach a deal.

European Parliament elections are happening at the end of this month and it seems that Farage's euro-skeptic party is going to realize massive gains, potentially getting 34 percent of the votes, which would be more than the Conservative and Labour parties together. . According to the Opinium poll for the British newspaper The Observer , Labour is expected to obtain 21 percent while the conservative party would obtain 11 percent of the votes.

The Telegraph conducted another poll that gives the Labour Party the lead, winning 27 percent of the vote, while Nigel Farage's party and the conservative party would get 20 and 19 percent of the vote respectively.

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