South Africa: African National Congress Party Chooses Cyril Ramaphosa as Their Leader

Thursday, 21 December 2017 9:33


The African National Congress Party, the ruling party in South Africa, chose Cyril Ramaphosa to lead the party after President Jacob Zuma.

The voting results showed that Ramaphosa won over Dalmini-Zuma, ex minister and President Zuma’s wife.

Ramaphosa holds a strong position that can support him in winning the presidency elections in 2019.

The fierce battle over the leadership of the party resulted in political disputes, and also triggered fears about a division in the party before the elections.

A party spokesperson announced the victory of Ramaphosa by a total of 2440 votes vs 2261 votes for Dalmini-Zuma.

Previous media reports suggested that the announcement of election results was delayed after the Dalmini-Zuma camp requested a re-count of votes.

The voting processes started Sunday.

Ramaphosa, 65 years old, criticized the corruption in the nation and gave his support to the business sector.

While Dalmini-Zuma, 68 years old, criticized the business sector controlled by white men, and vowed to stand against what she called the persistent discriminative inequality.

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