FOREX: October In Perspective

By: Mike Campbell
Economic parameters vary with great speed over the course of a trading day. For this reason, it is useful to look at data over a slightly longer term to gain an insight into any trends that might be emerging which can be exploited for your investment strategy. As this is the last Monday in October, the time is right for such a perspective.

In Europe, the FTSE gained 1.01%, closing at 5242.5 at the end of the week; the CAC was down slightly over the course of the week by 0.51%, closing at 3808.24; the Dax closed almost unchanged 5740.25, down by 0.05%. Japan’s Nikkei ended the trading week higher, closing at 10282.99; a small gain of 0.25%. In the States, the Dow closed down by 0.24%, finishing the trading session at 9972.18. The Nasdaq fared slightly better over the week; closing down by 0.11% at 2154.47.

Over the course of the month so far, the Nasdaq has gained 5.19%; the Dow Jones has put on 5.11%; the FTSE rose by almost 5.1%; the Dax gained 4.98%; the CAC is up by 4.34%; and the Nikkei has made 5.66%.

On the currency markets last week, the Dollar made a little ground against the Yen (91.86, 0.72%). Against the Euro it continued to edge lower, closing at 1.502, -1.02% over the previous week’s rate. The American currency also lost ground against the British Pound (1.638, -0.42%).

The Euro continued to strengthen against the Yen last week to close at 137.97 Yen to 1€; 1.75%). It dipped slightly against a strengthening British Pound again last week, one £ buying 1.0903€ (-0.59%).

Over the course of the month so far, the Dollar has recovered against the Yen by 2.76%, but against the Euro, it has continued to decline, losing 3.32% over the course of the month. The Greenback also fell by 3.32% against Sterling. The Yen has declined strongly against other major currencies over the month, losing 6.17% of its value against the Euro. Sterling has ended the month virtually unchanged against the Euro.

On the commodities market, the price for Brent crude oil was higher against last week’s mark. Brent crude rose by 2.51% over the course of the week, closing at $78.92 per barrel (for December delivery). The value of gold closed was essentially unchanged at 1054.3$ per ounce.

Over the course of the month, the value of oil has risen by nearly 16% and gold has appreciated by 5.4%.