Final Call for Ultimate Fintech Awards Nominations

The deadline is approaching for the Ultimate Fintech Awards’ final stage of the nomination process. With just one week to go, it is time for choices to be made and votes to be cast for which firms win the prestigious awards. As the nominations continue to roll in, it’s now or never.

The Ultimate Fintech Awards show features the biggest players in online trading and FinTech, which include both B2C and B2B firms. The organizer of the show is the Ultimate Fintech team, which is also behind the industry’s iFX EXPO exhibition. The stage has been set for a memorable night, which will have in attendance the glitterati of FinTech.

But the awards show is more than just glitz and glam. The burgeoning online trading and FinTech industries are constantly developing and expanding, with new inroads being made on an annual basis. That’s why the purpose of the show isn’t geared just to recognize the elite brands, but also the up-and-coming start-ups who work hard daily to improve their offerings.

Ultimate Fintech Awards Final Call

Winning an Ultimate Fintech Award means more than just a notch on your belt and a badge on your website. It puts you front and center with international communities who trust their peers and the judgment of the industry as a whole. It elicits approval and praise from other industry brands who recognize your efforts.

Awards Categories

Three types of awards are presented at the Ultimate Fintech Awards show.

Broker Awards

These awards acknowledge the best brokers across the globe, with such prestigious titles as Best Trading Platform, Best Broker of the Year, Best Market Maker, and many others.

Regional Broker Awards

These awards are categorized by country and region, including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, to name a few. Companies can win such awards as Best Customer Support UK, Best IB Programme Europe, Most Trusted Broker Asia, and Most Transparent Broker LATAM.

B2B Awards

These awards appreciate the B2B firms in very competitive markets and reward them for their hard work. Some of the prestigious titles include Best Emerging Fintech Startup, Best CFDs White Label Solution, and Best Payment Service Provider.

Key Dates

On May 23rd, nominations will close.

On May 25th – June 1st will be the Voting Round.

On June 9th the winners will be announced at an Awards Ceremony on the last evening of the iFX EXPO International exhibition show.

All applicants must log in to register themselves and fill out the nomination form. During the voting round, a public voting system will be available on the website.

This is the final call – the time is now to register your nomination so that you have the opportunity to become a FinTech winner.

Nominate your brand here.

Gabriel Sherman
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