Committed Investors Find Expectations in Libertex Invest

Libertex InvestWhile the online trading industry still maintains a canned approach to long-term investing, a well-known online broker Libertex recently launched its own disruptive solution in the form of Libertex Invest. Libertex, which has been offering trading in CFDs for over 24 years, is answering a growing need by today’s equity investors for an account type that caters to a possible long-term capital growth. These neo-traders, who are continuing to flood the equity markets, are less focused on short-term growth and have a more conservative and consistent approach to investing.

Libertex Invest is an account type offered on Libertex’s award-winning trading platform and is optimized for those investors who want to build a portfolio by making regular purchases of stocks over a longer term. The most conspicuous advantage of Libertex Invest is that it offers a zero-commission cost structure. This allows investors with Libertex Invest to avoid comissions on their accounts and account management fees, keeping their dividends and potential profits available for re-investment.

Here is a comparison between the Libertex Invest account and the Libertex CFDs account:


Libertex Invest Account

Libertex CFDs Account

List of smart filters

In focus, Trending, Dividends, Favourites

Hot, Trending, Favourites, Options, Top rising, Top falling, Upwards trend, Downwards trend, Commodities

Group of instruments


CFDs on Forex, Crypto, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, ETFs and Options

Trade direction

Long positions only

Long and short positions

Trading method

Each investment with the same instrument has a netting scheme in Libertex Invest Account

Each trade with the same instrument is a separate trade in Libertex CFDs Account




Pending orders

No Pending orders, Take Profit and Stop Loss orders

There are Pending orders, Take Profit and Stop Loss orders

Dividends payment

Paid into investment account balance

Paid into an open trade

Demo accounts



Long-term investing can be punishing when you’re being taxed with fees such as account management and account inactivity fees, which go to the broker. But Libertex Invest ensures that money management remains manageable by eliminating charges such as stop outs, swaps or margin calls. Libertex Invest also offers investors much more control, especially over their capital risk, by offering only real stocks with no multiplier and direct, timely account deposits.

“We are very excited to present our new investment product, Libertex Invest, which offers extremely attractive trading conditions with stocks of global companies available for sale and purchase starting from just $ 10,” says Libertex CMO Marios Chailis. “Best of all, Libertex Invest is available through the same intuitive and extremely user-friendly platform that our loyal clients already know and love.”

Libertex Invest enables you to buy shares in top companies such as Google, Apple, Tesla and others at your own convenience. The full range of stock options spans the tech, automotive, industrial, healthcare, entertainment, medical cannabis and food sectors, among others. This of course allows you to build a diverse investment portfolio that minimises risk.

So, whether you’re a new client or one of the Libertex faithful, why not take advantage of this exciting opportunity for commission-free investments? Besides, as any die-hard investor will agree, it is wiser to keep some investments in a stable, lower-risk portfolio and most importantly to never forget that as It always feels like the best time to invest in companies such as these was yesterday, the next best time is the present.

Investors will more than likely want to consider a Libertex Invest Account as an ideal option, since it enables investing with zero-commission. Investors interested in opening a Libertex Invest Account can visit to get started or to learn more.

Jurisdictional limitations: Libertex Invest is only available in EEA countries.

The value of investment in stocks and shares can fall as well as rise, so you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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