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Eightcap Launches Revolutionary Platform

In a welcome move for Forex traders and the industry as a whole, leading broker Eightcap has just launched its innovative platform. The automated trading platform, which acts as a smart digital trading assistant, is likely to be disruptive as it grants traders without technical skills an edge in trading.

With, traders simply type free style into the console how they want to automate their entry and exit trades, and then confirm. A trader might, for example, type “@9:35AM buy 10,000 worth of EUR/USD” to enter an automated trade entry. A trader can also enter a trade exit by writing something like this: “Close position at trailing stop of 3% or at 16:55 Eastern Time, whichever is sooner.” Traders can choose whether to automate their trades in a loop, or as a one-time trade. The prompt is auto-suggestive and pre-populates options for traders to include.

But even those traders with technical skills will likely choose to use due to its cutting edge, smart technology. With the platform being back tested and synced to economic calendars, a trader can choose various scenarios, such as “Buy 100,000 USD/JPY if US interest rates are above forecast” as an automated trade entry. In fact, is constantly scanning the markets in real time for data, technical indicators and macroeconomics. boasts a set of features to rival any trading platform, from notifying traders when their conditions are met to trading the news and using macro-economic events to trigger entries. The platform also includes a simulation function which allows traders to test out their strategies risk-free, and provides performance stats, along with valuable feedback and insights. Traders will also enjoy’s clean and simple user interface.

All these functions and features are free to Eightcap traders, and are also available on the mobile app, so that Android and iPhone users can have a smarter trading experience on the go.

While there may be quite a few veteran traders who are happy to use technical software,’s contribution to trading is reminiscent of what Apple did for the personal computer. The market can only hope that traders capitalize on the ease of use and state-of-the-art technology to usher in a better, smarter trading experience.

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