eToro Expands to Offer Stock Trading


etoroIf you’ve ever traded Forex before, you probably know that most Forex brokers offer CFD trading on today’s most popular stocks. CFD trading, the popular name for Contracts for Difference trading, traders don’t buy or sell a physical share of the asset, they sell units based on whether they think the price will go up or down, but they don’t own the actual asset.

eToro, a pioneer in the world of online trading, is shaking things up by offering traders the ability to purchase the underlying asset of thousands of stocks from Asia, Europe and the United States. With eToro’s new stock trading offering, there is a spread equivalent of 0.09 percent per side. Of course, traders can still trade CFDs on stocks with eToro if they want to short specific assets or use leverage on their stock trading.

For a limited time eToro will also cover the stamp duty that is normally applied to stock purchases from the United Kingdom. The company hasn’t published the end date for this introductory offer.

eToro has long been on the cutting edge of trading technology, offering a range of interesting assets and trading types not offered by other brokers. As a leader in social trading development, eToro offers a variety of ways for traders to take advantage of the knowledge of other traders and to profit by copy trading. eToro’s CopyFund vehicles also allow traders to benefit from the knowledge of eToro’s own professional trading team.

 Learn more about eToro and find out how to open an account here.

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