Launches SmartFeed to Detect Trading Bias

|, CySEC-regulated fintech company that develops thoughtful and powerful trading technology announced last week the launch of their highly-anticipated SmartFeed technology which has been tapped by the company’s CEO, Kira Bondareva, as “one of the most exciting features” of the company’s app. also offers AI-powered trading platforms for both desktops and mobile devices which offer trading of Forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities and more.

SmartFeed is a tool that is designed to track investor’s behavior to identify biases and to provide highly-relevant educational materials and news items to each individual trader depending on his or her trading patterns and skill level. The goal of the tool is to provide a deeper level of education to traders while allowing them to trade with a heightened level of awareness, sophistication and intelligence. The concept for SmartFeed is rooted in economic behavioral science. Specifically, a study lead by Italian researchers showed that trading performance was likely to improve if traders are reminded of their biases. The concept easy to understand, but is the first to implement a tool to directly address this issue. has identified over 50 of the most prevalent Forex trading biases and has developed SmartFeed as a way to overcome these challenges to create more rational, streamlined and profitable trading strategies.

When a trading bias is detected, the app provides the trader with articles, news and guides written by trading professionals. The tool doesn’t currently address all of the identified biases but it was launched to cover some of the main challenges traders face and other biases will be addressed in the future.

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