FX Academy Changes the Way Traders Learn to Trade Forex


The Forex market enjoys $5.3 trillion turnover daily – don't you want to be a part of it?

FX Academy Logo (JPG File) gray background-CroppedThe DailyForex.com team is both excited and proud to announce the launch of our latest venture, FX Academy, a Forex education training portal built by traders for traders. With the FX Academy, we've combined our knowledge of the industry and high level technological capabilities with lessons created by our respected and world-renowned traders, to provide the only free, interactive, individualized training for Forex traders of all experience levels with a wide range of educational materials and realistic learning simulations based on actual market conditions. The FX Academy was designed with care to ensure that traders at all levels will have the tools they need to develop into expert traders. Among the lessons included are focuses on core issues such as understanding macro market forces and the basics of technical analysis to trading psychology to more complex FX trading concepts and strategies. The FX Academy also provides a solid grounding in the understanding of risk management and the responsible use of leverage. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Academy, however, is the fact that it is not aligned with any specific brokerage, which means that students can learn in a pressure-free environment for as long as they need to feel entirely comfortable.

Changing the Way People Learn About Forex

The recent BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey reported that the retail FX trading sector now accounts for an estimated share of at least $186 billion per day. This alone shows the global interest in Forex trading, and confirmed the need to bring affordable, quality education to the masses.

Explaining the initiative, Adam Lemon, Senior FX Academy Instructor said: "?There is significant interest among investors in diversifying their portfolios and an attractive alternative is to venture in to the Forex trading market. But where does an investor develop the requisite Forex knowledge and skills to partake in this lucrative market?"

"?Our aim for the FX Academy is to change the Forex trading landscape towards a safer and higher return market opportunity for traders of all experience levels. By sharing our knowledge, insight and expertise of the global Forex markets we not only make learning Forex trading more accessible, we facilitate a faster, more secure and lower risk entrance into the exciting retail FX trading and investment arena."

A critical element that sets FX Academy apart from other Forex education systems is the Trading Simulator section that allows traders to apply techniques that they've learned to real market conditions, and to practice their strategies without risking any real money. Moreover, FX Academy provides an entirely personalized approach to learning such that traders and potential traders can watch the videos and take the quizzes at their convenience, without being locked into classes at specific times. Nevertheless, the courses are of the highest educational level, so that traders won't feel that their personalized course of study is compromising on quality in any way. Traders can mark lessons as done, take notes on lessons they aren't sure about (or are specifically interested in) and keep track of their progress. Each lesson includes a video, a written text to explain the concept, and a quiz which can help traders decide if they've mastered the subject completely. Recommended reading lists are provided for traders who wish to delve more deeply into any given subject.

The FX Academy can support traders with varied expertise levels who wish to enhance their skills and to learn the optimal methods to maximise their revenues from this environment.

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