Lien and Schlossberg Leaving GFT to Start their Own Management Fund

Wednesday, 9 May 2012 10:52

When choosing a Forex broker, many traders look for a brokerage that has not only good trading conditions, but a reputable staff of analysts who can provide regular support and explanation of market trends. Among those that have shot to fame are Kathy Lien, formerly of FXCM and now of GFT Forex, Bastian Rubben of SunbirdFX and Nour Eldeen Al-Hammoury from Amana Capital.

Although she is only 31, Kathy Lien has become an icon in the Forex world, making regular television appearances, authoring several Forex-related books and providing regular market analysis that is read by thousands of traders daily. For this reason, many traders were shocked when Lien announced that she is leaving GFT with her colleague Boris Schlossberg to open their own asset management firm.

Schlossberg and Lien have been working together for seven years, first at FXCM and then at GFT, and have been asked regularly to manage accounts, but could never do so because of various regulations and legal restrictions. On her website, Ms. Lien describes herself as a ‘trader first, analyst second', so it is not entirely surprising that she would choose to pursue a venture that would allow her to spend more time trading, and (perhaps) less time analyzing on the front lines.

The good news for Forex traders is that there are many reliable Forex analysts that provide regular market updates, both via specific brokerages, or through content-based websites like DailyForex which provide quality analysis with no strings attached.

Which Forex analyst do you follow regularly?

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