MT4 Build 418 Update May Harm EAs

Following the build 418 update to the popular MetaTrader 4 platform, Forex traders worldwide are complaining that the trading platform now affects DLL calls, a technical requirement used by many expert advisors in their communication with the MT4 platform.

It is possible, however, for traders to avoid installing the build 418 update, thus avoiding the problems that it may cause to their EAs. Although MetaTrader has confirmed that they've fixed this problem, dozens of Forex forums have been flooded with traders who are still searching for solutions, and some glitches still seem to exist.

One trader suggests declining the update and creating a copy of your MT4 folder to an alternate location, which will allow you to test the new update but keep your old version in tact. If your specific EA works with the build 418 update you can go forward with the update – if not, you can wait patiently for a fix. This way, no information will be lost.

If you're having trouble with your EAs since the build 418 update, post them here so that others will beware!

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