Global News on a Personal Level

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These days, it's impossible to pick up a newspaper without reading about the recent revolts in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya which have shaken not only the region in which they took place, but the global political landscape as a whole. There's no question that fragile alliances have been all but shattered, past agreements have been called into question and the once-probable future has become entrenched in doubt. Most people reading these stories will digest the chaos and go about their regular routine. But for Forex traders, events occurring across the world become almost personal, as they have a definite impact on the Forex market and on the trades that each trader executes.

Ironically, even more localized events can have a profound impact on the trading arena. National holidays, elections and even acts of nature can throw a curveball into a trader's supposedly premeditated plans. But practically speaking, a Forex trader can't just monitor the news all day, because that would impede his or her ability to trade continuously. So where is the fine line between staying abreast of global happenings and translating this knowledge into profitable action?

The answer to this question is something that I've been struggling with in the short time that I've been trading, and I still haven't found the perfect balance – if you have, please feel free to share! Still, I believe that the secret to successful Forex trading is not only to keep your eye on the mathematical figures that are essential to the field, but on important figureheads that can impact the global economy, and on Forex experts - industry figures whose insightful analysis can hopefully steer you in the right direction.

Within the realm of this Forex blog, I hope to share with you some of the Forex trading figures that I've found especially influential, and to dissect some of the "?simple complexities" of Forex trading of the industry so that Forex figures become understandable instead of incomprehensible. I welcome your questions, feedback and comments, and I look forward to sharing my trading adventures with you. Team
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