Deep Learning in Finance Summit


Event Name: RE-WORK Deep Learning in Finance Summit
Event Date: March 19-20, 2019
Event Location: Etc.venues at St. Paul's 200 Aldersgate, St. Pauls, London
Registration Link:

March 19-20, 2019, RE-WORK will be running the 4th Annual Deep Learning in Finance Summit in London, England on March 19-20, 2019.  The summit will allow participants to learn all about the latest improvements and technological advances in deep learning for the financial sector.  The speakers will include trailblazers from academia, fintech startups and all across the financial sector. Leaders in technology from all aspects of the financial world will meet to discuss and learn from each other about these exciting AI methods.  This summit has taken place in three different continents over the last 4 years and promises to be an excellent experience for everyone who participates. This years exciting location is opposite the Museum of London and near to St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Barbican.

Thirty speakers and over two hundred participants will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and advancements in Deep Learning and how it applies to the world of finance.  Some of the speakers include experts on using Artificial Intelligence to increase profitability in cryptocurrency, learning representations that break down disparate data so that it can be applied to AI for insurance field, and Deep Learning Models for High-Frequency Market Microstructure Data.   Speakers will share technical developments and applications of these developments. Although all of the presentations are technology based, RE-WORK has made an effort to include some presentations that are more understandable to people with less technical background.

The schedule for the first day of the summit is completely packed with speakers and learning opportunities.  Approximately every 20 minutes there will be another topic explored and examined. The topics include so many areas of the financial sector such as investments, cryptocurrency, hedge funds, market risk management and many others.

The second day of this summit is poised to be just as full, and participants will hear from even more innovators and pioneers in deep learning in the financial sector.  In addition to all of the informative speakers and important topics there are also opportunities for participants to network. There is interactive learning taking place during lunch and organized networking during coffee breaks.  Meeting potential investors and employers is an invaluable aspect of this conference. Questions and answers and expert feedback are also helpful features of this important event. Panel discussions are an additional advantage to the time spent at this summit, and are sure to offer diverse viewpoints about today’s hot-button issues.  

RE-WORK is known for putting together excellent opportunities to collaborate and learn from experts in the field. This jam packed event will be an excellent combination of worldwide experts and colleagues in the field in order to both learn and network. The goal is advancing technology, learning to avoid pitfalls that others have run into and share success in AI.   The potential for gaining from this event is tremendous. There are sponsorship and partnership options for companies in the field available on the event website. Access to the presentations will be available approximately two weeks after the summit.

The team is comprised of analysts and researchers from around the world who watch the market throughout the day to provide you with unique perspectives and helpful analysis that can help improve your Forex trading.