Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm


The annual blockchain conference in Stockholm is only three weeks away, and if you haven’t registered yet, now’s the time! The conference will feature world-renowned speakers discussing important industry issues including the implementation of blockchain in governmental organizations, banking and healthcare systems, media and trading industries and other sectors. The conference will attack the topics from every angle, from the transformation of ideas into usable technology and ways to bring blockchain technology to market.

Features speakers include:

  • Mathias Sundin, Member of Parliament in the Tax Committee and the Finance Committee

  • Tanja Bivic Plankar, President of Blockchain Alliance Europe

  • Dr Guenther Dobrauz, Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland

  • Merete Salmeling, Head of Digital and Innovation at Landshypotek Bank

  • Walid AL-SAQAF, Senior Lecturer at Södertörn University in media technology, journalism, Internet & blockchain research

  • Catharina Geiselhart, Senior Consultant at PwC - Digital Energy - Blockchain in the energy sector

Attendees will come from a wide range of industries and will look at critical industry challenges and how to resolve them. They will also discuss opportunities for expanding the cryptocurrency market.

Blockchain Expo

The conference is ideal for investors, executives, lawyers, startup founders and anyone looking to launch or participate in a token sale. All participants are expected to leave the conference with a better understanding of the cryptocurrency industry and how blockchain functions and can be used for future developments. Both participants and exhibitors will also be exposed to up and coming blockchain brands as well as more established companies looking to introduce tir existing or new technologies.

Event Details: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Event Date: September 11, 2018

Event Location: Berns Salonger

Näckströmsgatan 8, 111 47

Stockcholm, Sweden

Registration Link:

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