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Zero to Hero is a Forex signals website owned and run by a team of U.K.-based Forex traders. The site offers a paid trading signals subscription service, covering Forex currency pairs and crosses. The fee for the signals service is $97 per month and it is possible to request a free 7-day trial. The service is what we call a “pure” signals service: it is about trading only, without adding any educational elements, although they do plan to add this type of material to their site at some future date.

Zero to Hero Forex signals


On average, the service provides between 4 and 10 complete Forex signals on each weekday when major markets are open. The signals are usually in the more major currency pairs and crosses, mainly trading the major FX pairs such as, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, AUD/USD. They also trade some of the major crosses pairs like EUR/JPY and EUR/GBP. They are particularly experienced in trading USD/JPY and EUR/JPY, so signals relating to these symbols are common.

Zero to Hero Forex signals


The most important section of the website which is the subject of interpretation is the historical performance of the signals shown on the home page within the “Performance” section. Two different things are shown here: firstly, a graph representing a 4-year historical performance of the signals, and a myfxbook-verified demo account in the name of Zero to Hero is shown. This shows a seven-week period over May and June 2018 and shows a performance gain of 23%.

Zero to Hero Forex  Free Trial

Test results

Signals are sent to members by both SMS and email. We reviewed the service by securing membership for two weeks, which roughly overlapped with the second half of the month of July 2018. Although we received slightly less than an average of 4 signals per day, this was due to a slow summer market, and we approve of a signals service which does not “chase” a market unnecessarily. We were happy to find that the signals arrived promptly through both channels, without any delays or problems. The performance of the signals provided during the two-week period was as follows: 19 signals were given, 1 of which was not triggered. Of the remaining 18 signals, there were 10 winning trades and 8 losing trades. We were informed that these results are a bit lower than usual but this still represents a positive performance equal to a positive expectancy of 11% of the unit of risk per trade. Of course, you cannot fully judge a signals service over less than 20 signals within a period of only two weeks, but the observed performance was respectable and encouraging.


The signals are based upon the interpreted interplay between short-term momentum and support and resistance levels. Zero to Hero aim to identify key medium-term areas of support and resistance zones and then wait for breaks of these zones with adequate short-term momentum. We approve of such an approach to the Forex market, where trading in line with short-term momentum tends to be an essential component of a profitable technical trading strategy.

Zero to Hero Forex signals

Set and Forget Signals

The signals are not published anywhere individually for reference. However, the signals are easy to keep track of and understand, and simple and clear instructions are provided to every new member to assist them in understanding the signals, which are easy to understand intuitively anyway. One aspect of the trading style of the signals service which keeps it easy is that every new trade is given with defined entry, take profit, and stop loss prices, and signals are only amended very rarely. This means that you can receive a signal, take the trade right away if you wish, and then in “set and forget” style, forget all about it! Although every signal has an entry price, they are given “at market” so are effectively “enter at market”. The problem comes with occasional fast market movements or delays in receiving the signal which means by the time a customer is ready to act, the price may have moved to far in the trade’s favor already, skewing the reward to risk on offer to an unacceptable extent. Zero to Hero recommend waiting for the price to return to the entry price before entering, or at least making sure it is less than just a few pips out. During our review period, we only experienced a significant difference between the market price and the entry price once out of 19 signals, and even in that case we were able to secure entry at the entry price within a few minutes of receiving the signal, so we did not find this to be a problem.

Although most signals are sent during London and New York business hours, we did receive some during the Asian session, so there is truth to the service’s claim that the signals can be useful for Forex traders anywhere in the world.

Standout Features

As mentioned previously, there are two standout features offered by Zero to Hero that are worth mentioning in detail. Firstly, the company offers a free 7-day trial which can really give traders an idea of how the system works. Not every signals service offers a free trial, and we find it a very welcome offering as it allows traders to see not only if the system works, but if the style works for their specific needs. Additionally, the myFXbook results provided can help traders really see what .

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