Forex Brokers in Pakistan

Sara Patterson

Forex trading in Pakistan is not only legal, but also gaining popularity among residents as the economy expands. Pakistan is part of the Next Eleven list of developing economies, placing it on course to become one of the largest economies in the 21st century. With a population above 220,000,000, Pakistan represents an enormous growth market, not just for Forex brokers, but for all types of industry. Therefore, the outlook carries a positive bias with incomes expected to increase. The tech-savvy, young population will likely use part of their spending power to invest and trade, with Forex among the most sought-after markets due to its low capital requirements in starting a portfolio. It can create an entire ecosystem from Forex brokers, signal providers, portfolio managers, analysts, accounting services, and Forex trading in Pakistan legal advice. The Forex market offers countless possibilities to make a distinctly positive impact on the everyday life of traders. Our Best Forex Broker in Pakistan list will provide traders with a head start in selecting the right broker and starting their Forex journey.

Best all around broker
High floating leverage + fast execution
Highly-competitive cost structure
24/7 customer support
Quick and easy account registration
Excellent bonuses available in some locations
Leverage up to 1:500 available
Proprietary platform offers a nice alternative to out-of-the box solutions
High level regulation in multiple jurisdictions
Impressive range of tradeable assets including vanilla options and gold options

While there are no reputable international Pakistani Forex brokers, there is no restriction on Pakistani traders opening a trading account with Forex brokers from other countries. Therefore, there are thousands of choices, as most, if not all, cater to Forex traders from Pakistan. There are two facts to consider when searching for a Forex broker. First, there are unlikely to be any accounts in the Pakistani rupee, the official currency of Pakistan. Therefore, currency conversions when conducting financial transactions may apply. Second, Urdu is the official language, but most international Forex brokers may not offer Forex trading in Pakistan in Urdu. It should not pose a significant challenge, as many Pakistanis speak English well, and more Pakistani Forex traders are offering their services in Urdu.

Starting to Trade Forex in Pakistan

Forex trading in Pakistan is no different than in other countries, and new traders must follow the same steps to master Forex trading successfully.

What you need to start Forex trading in Pakistan:

  • A stable internet connection - Since trading takes place online, you want to make sure that you remain always connected to markets.
  • A reliable Forex broker - The best choice will be an international Forex broker that accepts traders from Pakistan. Any of those in our Top Five list will offer new traders an excellent entry into Forex trading.
  • A quiet place to trade - Trading Forex requires a tranquil place, free of distractions. The more noise you have to keep your focus away from trading when you do, the more likely it is that you will make costly errors.
  • Trading Capital - One of the biggest reasons why up to 85% of Forex traders fail is the lack of adequate trading capital.

Opening a Forex Account

An online application handles the account applications at all brokers and usually takes only a few minutes to complete. Regulated brokers must comply with AML/KYC requirements. A copy of the trader’s ID and one proof of residency document no older than three months generally satisfies them.

Risks of Forex Trading in Pakistan

The Forex market is the most liquid market globally, and nearly $7 trillion exchange hands daily. Therefore, liquidity remains a risk for all traders, but it also brings opportunities. New retail traders may struggle with the technical terminology, but a glossary will bridge the gap. The most significant risks to trading come from the trader and include lack of discipline and patience, insufficient trading capital, unrealistic expectations, and a lack of attention, focus, and appreciation for Forex trading.

Tips for Trading Successfully

While every trader will have to find their path to achieve their trading goals, there are several steps each one must consider. Below are four that will give every trader an edge and position them on a profitable path.

What you should do to succeed as a Forex trader:

  • Education - Never rush into Forex trading. Learn how to trade Forex, as learning precedes earning. Take your time and invest in your education.
  • Patience - Trading successfully requires more patience than capital. Knowing when to trade and when to remain on the sidelines will make all the difference.
  • Trading Strategy - Find one that complements your personality, your character. It will ensure smoother operations. Once you have sufficient experience, you can tweak existing ones or create one.
  • Deposit Strategy - You must commit to a monthly deposit and build your portfolio. New traders often make one deposit and believe it is enough.

Forex Regulations in Pakistan

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is responsible for regulating Forex trading in Pakistan. The SECP operates out of Islamabad and also oversees the banking and insurance sectors, together with other sub-sectors of the financial system. International brokers do not require a license from the SECP to accept Pakistani Forex traders unless they have a physical office in Pakistan.

Verifying SECP Authorization

The SECP does not maintain an online database like most regulators, but traders can contact the SECP to verify if a company is authorized.


Pakistan represents a tremendous growth market for Forex trading and improving economic conditions can boost the growth rate of online Forex trading in Pakistan. While the potential attracts many new retail traders, it equally does so with scammers. Therefore, if something sounds too good to be true, especially from an unverified or unregulated source, remain cautious. Conduct proper due diligence when selecting a Forex broker or pick one from our Best Forex Broker in Pakistan list.

In case you are unsure about legal aspects, you should consult a professional skilled in Forex trading in Pakistan legal services. There are no restrictions for Pakistani Forex traders to trade with an international Forex broker, and most accept traders from Pakistan. Invest in your education, ensure you have sufficient trading capital, and create a deposit plan. Patience and discipline will assist you in your journey to become a profitable Forex trader, but you must leave unrealistic expectations out of your trading strategy.


Is Forex trading legal in Pakistan?

Yes, Forex trading is legal and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

How can I invest in Forex trading in Pakistan?

You must select a Forex broker – preferably a regulated international one – open an account and fund it.

Which broker is best for Forex trading in Pakistan?

All five brokers in our Top Five Best Forex Broker in Pakistan List present an excellent and trustworthy choice.

Can I trade Forex with $10?

While it is enough to fund an account with some Forex brokers and will suffice to open a micro position, it is not enough to trade Forex properly unless a nano-account is used.

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