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Octa deploys its proprietary copy trading platform alongside the embedded MT4/MT5 solutions. The Octa demo account is ideal for traders to evaluate signal providers, test EAs, or tweak existing trading strategies before using them in live portfolios. Find further informative details about Octa, in their review – here.

Our comprehensive Octa demo account review supplies a step-by-step guide on opening and using the demo, including tips on making the most of your Octa demo account experience. It also notes the differences between demo and live accounts and highlights the pros and cons of the Octa demo account.

Octa Demo Account Opening - Step by Step

Opening an Octa demo account is a swift process. In less than three minutes, traders should have their demo account ready, including downloading and installing the trading platform. Follow our step-by-step guide below, and you will log into your Octa demo account and can begin testing.

Here is how you open your Octa demo account:

1. Go to the Octa website, hover your mouse over “FX Trading” in the top menu, and click on “Demo account,” which is the third option listed under “Trading Conditions” from the expanding FX Trading menu.

2. Click the green “Open Demo Account” button, and a registration form zooms in from the right side. Octa only asks for your name, e-mail address, and desired password. You may also use your Facebook, Google, or Apple ID to complete the Octa demo account registration. You must confirm that you are not a US citizen, resident, or affiliate.

3. Octa will send a confirmation e-mail with the login details to your Octa account dashboard.

4. Log into the Octa back office, scroll down to “Create Account,” located next to “Your Accounts,” and choose your desired trading platform, MT4 or MT5. Press “Demo” under “Account Type” and download the trading platform. You can also select the demo account base currency, US Dollars, or Euros, specify your maximum leverage, and top-up your account with the desired demo account balance, which should be identical to your planned live deposit.


  • The Octa demo account is fully customizable, unlike many competitors who have fixed settings that may be unrealistic for many traders
  • Another benefit is the absence of a time limit on demo account use

How to Use the Octa Demo Account

Beginner traders can use the Octa demo account to familiarize themselves with the MT4/MT5 trading platforms. Since Octa supports full customization of the Octa demo account, traders should use a demo account balance and leverage settings like their planned live deposits. They should also use the quality educational content available at Octa and incorporate the lessons in their demo usage.

Octa has developed its proprietary copy trading service, available alongside embedded MT4/MT5 services. The Octa demo account is ideal for copiers to evaluate signal providers for several months before committing capital to follow their recommendations in live portfolios.

The Octa demo account also serves signal providers. They can evaluate strategies, adjust parameters, compare performance, and fine-tune their approach to provide better trading signals and attract more followers. The same applies to manual traders who look to refine their trading approach.

Algorithmic traders can rely on the unlimited Octa demo account to bug-fix and assess their solutions, including API trading. Traders can evaluate EA’s and other algorithmic programs before purchasing them.

The below tips on the suggested best usage of your Octa demo account will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefit and proper use of this facility.

Tips on using the Octa demo account:

  • Use the Octa demo account to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the trading platforms
  • Use an account demo balance and leverage setting like your planned live settings
  • Use your demo account daily and try to treat it as a live account as much as possible
  • Use proper risk management strategies and tools identical to live accounts
  • Trade lot sizes based on your planned live deposit
  • Avoid replenishing the demo account balance
  • Compare metrics of signal providers for a few months before allocating capital (you may use Octa statistics for its proprietary copy trading service as a starting point)
  • Test EAs for several months to ensure exposure to various trading conditions, as many EAs work for short periods before accumulating losses
  • Consider the demo account limitations, like the absence of trading psychology impact and execution differences

Octa Demo Account Features

While the Octa demo account tries to simulate live trading conditions as closely as possible, it cannot replicate execution issues like slippage and exposure to trading psychology, as no actual trading occurs on live markets with real funds. Octa never pressures traders into making live deposits and ensures that all clients, from beginners to seasoned traders and from copy traders to more sophisticated algorithmic traders, have access to this vital tool to test, tweak, compare, evaluate, and bug-fix trading strategies and solutions.

Octa understands the needs of demo account users and offers unlimited and fully customizable access, unlike many brokers with a counter-productive time limit, usually 21 to 30 days, or fixed conditions that include enormous demo account balances between $10,000 and $100,000.

Octa Demo Account Overview at a Glance

Octa Demo Account
Availability of an Octa demo account
Octa demo account duration
Unlimited (Octa understand the needs of demo account users)
Octa demo platforms
MT4, MT5
Octa demo account options
Fully customizable
Algorithmic trading (EAs) enabled
Octa demo account balance
Traders can customize the demo account balance and leverage settings
Number of Octa demo accounts

Differences Between Live and Demo Octa Accounts

The primary difference between the Octa demo account and the live choice is the lack of exposure to trading psychology. While the Octa demo account attempts to simulate live trading conditions, it cannot replicate the most defining aspect of trading, how traders manage their emotions. The difference may appear minimal on paper, but mastering trading psychology is one of the main aspects separating profitable traders from of the many unprofitable ones. Octa lists its retail loss rate at 66.67% for its CySEC-regulated subsidiary, which is a comparably small number for the sector. Other differences include the absence of slippage and real profits and losses due to a demo being a simulated environment.

Despite the flexibility of and the unlimited access to the Octa demo account, beginners should consider its limitations. Demo trading can result in misplaced confidence and a false sense of security or accomplishment, even if used with live trading conditions. Countless data exist where traders successfully managed a demo account but lost money once they switched to live portfolios. The lack of exposure to trading psychology and its impact on traders, who have never faced live trading conditions, is the reason for the discrepancy. No simulation can offer exposure to the necessary aspects of trading successfully.

Pros and Cons of the Octa Demo Account

Before traders open their Octa demo account, they should evaluate the pros and cons to understand what they will get and how to use it properly.

The pros of the Octa demo account are:

  • Easy registration with a trusted broker
  • Unlimited access without time restrictions
  • Unlimited Octa demo accounts
  • Fully customizable to allow traders to create conditions like a live account
  • All trading platforms and assets are available
  • Algorithmic trading enabled
  • Proprietary copy trading services, alongside embedded MT4/MT5 services
  • Demo contests with real cash rewards

The cons of the Octa demo account are:

  • Lack of exposure to trading psychology
  • False sense of security and accomplishment
  • May promotes reckless trading, unrealistic expectations, and foster the wrong mentality

Octa Demo Account Bottom Line

The Octa demo account offers all clients unlimited access. There are no time restrictions or limits on the number of demo accounts. They are fully customizable, allowing traders to evaluate with identical conditions to their planned live portfolios. The Octa demo account is ideal for beginners to experience the trading platforms and its specific functionalities. Seasoned traders can use it to tweak and test new strategies, copy traders to evaluate signal providers, algorithmic traders to bug-fix solutions, and traders to examine EAs.

Beginners should consider the limitations of the Octa demo account, but with our above tips, they get the maximum benefits of their Octa demo account. Since Octa offers high-quality educational content, beginners should use the experience they gain from the Octa demo account for educational purposes.

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How to download the Octa demo account?


Traders can download the trading platform for the Octa demo account from the secure back office. It is also available during the initial registration process.

How to use the Octa demo account?


Traders should treat their Octa demo account as a live portfolio. It includes using a demo account balance, leverage, and lot sizes according to their planned live deposits and deploying risk management processes. It helps to monitor it daily.

How to delete the Octa demo account?


Traders must contact customer support, available 24/7 with a live chat function and ask for demo account deletion. Octa deactivates inactive demo accounts after four to eight days on the MT4 trading platform and after five to thirty days on MT5.

How do I open a demo account with Octa?


Traders must complete a quick online application form to open their Octa demo account. The process takes less than three minutes and includes downloading the trading platform and the demo account setup.

Does Octa have a demo account?


The Octa demo account is available to all clients, free of restrictions, and fully customizable, as Octa understands the importance of flexibility to demo users.

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