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There are many Forex education systems on the market, but many, if not most, are created by individual traders looking for a platform from which to share their ideas. Many, if not most, are lacking the finesse and technical capacity to transform a collection of articles into a truly comprehensive and interactive Forex learning experience.

Founded by the trading experts at DailyForex.com who have been monitoring and reporting on the Forex market since 2006, FX Academy offers traders of all levels the courses they need to sharpen their trading skills and enhance their knowledge of the world of Forex. FX Academy courses are offered by several acclaimed Forex traders such as Cliff Wachtal and Alp Kocak whose market insights have been helping traders for years.

More than Just Forex Articles

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that FX Academy is entirely free of charge, making it ideal for traders who want to invest their money into the market, and not into their Forex education. Each FX Academy lesson is interactive and is presented by an expert trader. There are seven courses currently available with promises of more to come. Each course is divided into several lessons to make the potentially complex ideas easier to understand.

Every lesson comes complete with a video, quiz and suggestions for additional reading to help traders focus on the different aspects of their Forex trading. Animated videos included in each lesson are both clever and entertaining. Suggested articles supplement each lesson and add a broader comprehension to the material. There’s no question that each page is packed with useful information that is clearly presented and simple to maneuver.

Sample Forex Video
Sample Forex Video

Individualized Forex Learning

Another significant advantage of the FX Academy is that students can move along the program at their own pace within a structured educational environment, rather than being subject to the schedule or curriculum of a typical academic setting. They can return to a past lesson, review it over and over again or even take a break from the course for any length of time. The FAQ page offers students the ability to ask a question and get a response online. Non-registered viewers are able to benefit from some of the Academy’s features.

FX Academy has developed its own unique Forex Strategy Simulations, a valuable tool created for users to assist them in defining their trading strategies for future trading. The simulations provide real-time market conditions from past events and explain how traders could or should have best used these conditions to enter a profitable position.

Final Thoughts

FX Academy was built with the trader in mind, and is designed to cater to traders at all levels and with all different interests in the market. Whether you’re looking to develop technical trading strategies or fundamental views, FX Academy can help you master the Forex market and to trade confidently and successfully under all market conditions.

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