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There are a lot of defining characteristics that differentiate the Forex market from its counterparts. Some of these unique traits are positive and make FX a highly attractive investment for the individual trader, while others are less positive and make the Forex trading arena a dangerous one. However, this danger only exists if the trader does not prepare themselves in advance using one of the many tools available, such as the one we will mention below, the eToro Forex Matador e-course.
To name a few, the Forex market presents a lucrative opportunity to retail traders way beyond and even ten times the magnitude of other markets such as the stock market. The tremendous number that represents daily transactions in the Forex market, is nothing short of astounding.
In addition to the volume, the volatility of the market also plays a central role in its potential for profit. While other markets might require weeks or months before investors see money, the Forex market does not rest for a second, and with all its movements, traders can make immediate profits of tremendous proportions.
Then there is the whole aspect of leverage. Yes, there are three trillion dollars traded daily in the Forex market, but what does that have to do with the retail trader who has $1,000 in his account? Well, a lot. While other markets will not allow you to get too far with low capital, the Forex market is highly leveraged with some brokers offering a 500:1 leverage, so do the math.
However, as amazing as all the above characteristics might seem, each and every one of them has a flip side. The size of the market, its volatility, as well as its leverage, all raises the bar of potential loss in the Forex market.
The big question all Forex traders should be asking themselves is “How do I maximize the potential of this tremendous market and make sure it is working for me and not against me?"
The answer to that question is literally one word; Education. Learn the Forex market, become familiar with the ups and downs, study the fundamental principles of what the forces are that drive the trends. By familiarizing yourself with the Forex arena, you will eliminate a vast majority of the dangers most novice Forex traders face.
So how does one educate themselves on the vast world of Forex trading? Well, there are various ways to learn the trade, some involve a whole lot of online courses and offline research, others involve demo trading before risking any money.
eToro, one of the market’s leading brokers is now offering traders the ability to learn the market in one centralized Forex e-course that covers any and all information pertaining to Forex trading. The eToro course is called Forex Matador and it provides an effective way to learn Forex online.
Before we get into the Forex trading course itself, it is important to emphasize that the way it is presented to traders is also of utmost importance. Besides the minority of people, who actually enjoy reading about currencies, pips, spreads, and indicators, it is easy to get distracted when reading about Forex. I am not going to say it is a boring topic, but we can agree that it is a highly technical and number oriented field. It is therefore a huge help that eToro provides this comprehensive e-course in a fun and stimulating way with their book-like interface.
The Forex trading course is online and is presented within a nicely designed screen that can only be described as being similar to a video player. Along the bottom, there are multiple buttons to zoom in, go to the next or previous page, or go back to the index. The text, once zoomed in, is large and clear making it easy to digest the information being presented.
Along the same lines, the actual content is presented in a very impressive way. Like I mentioned, the subject matter is highly technical and when trying to teach the basics, it is easy to get carried away with big and complicated words. What makes a good teacher is the ability to pass the information along accurately, while maintaining a level suitable for your audience.
This Forex e-course is not targeting traders with ten years of experience trading Forex. It is much more geared toward the beginner and is therefore written accordingly. The author of the course took nothing as a given, and assumed the reader has no knowledge whatsoever about the Forex market. If you ask me, this is the way it should be. The reader on the other hand, has the choice to proceed to the next page or lesson if the subject is too elementary for their specific level.
This Forex e-course is clear and concise and provides a thorough source of Forex information that most traders would find useful. With this eToro Forex e-course, along with other Forex trading courses, it is easy to learn Forex online. As the course proceeds, the topics obviously become more advanced with the first lesson focusing on “What is Forex” and the last few lessons speaking of different technical indicators and other markets.
In summary, I would say all the information provided in this Forex e-course is available in other places, but it would take extensive time and resources to learn Forex online the way this course teaches you. The course is thorough and covers all the fundamental principles of the Forex market. I would highly recommend any new Forex trader take this course before trading even one cent on the Forex market.

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