Best Forex Brokers in Bahrain for Beginners

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Bahrain is a high-income economy, and as such remains an attractive destination for international Forex brokers due to its residents generally making above-average first-time deposits. Our comprehensive Forex trading in Bahrain broker listing has determined the most competitive brokers for Bahrain residents, so read on to compile your shortlist and review our guide to getting started in Bahrain with the best Forex broker for you.

74% of retail CFD accounts lose money
The ratings shown on are determined by hours of research from our editorial team into over 10 factors, including account fees, deposit/withdrawal options, regulatory status, tradable assets, and more.
Islamic accounts with a minimum deposit requirement of $1,000.
Leading copy trading community with 30M+ members & user-friendly trading app.
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74% of retail CFD accounts lose money
The ratings shown on are determined by hours of research from our editorial team into over 10 factors, including account fees, deposit/withdrawal options, regulatory status, tradable assets, and more.
Quality introduction to trading basics & actionable trading signals
TradingView for social traders & proprietary copy trading service
The ratings shown on are determined by hours of research from our editorial team into over 10 factors, including account fees, deposit/withdrawal options, regulatory status, tradable assets, and more.
Transparent swap-free Islamic account & trusted broker with a clean record.
Proprietary copy trading service and mobile app & ultra-low trading fees.
The ratings shown on are determined by hours of research from our editorial team into over 10 factors, including account fees, deposit/withdrawal options, regulatory status, tradable assets, and more.
High level regulation in multiple jurisdictions
Impressive range of tradeable assets including vanilla options and gold options
The ratings shown on are determined by hours of research from our editorial team into over 10 factors, including account fees, deposit/withdrawal options, regulatory status, tradable assets, and more.
MT4/MT5 Islamic trading accounts upon request with proof of faith.
Choice of copy trading services, trading platforms & competitive trading fees.


5.0/5 in this category
74% of retail CFD accounts lose money
In Summary
Best broker for social traders and crypto traders : 74% of retail CFD accounts lose money

eToro was founded in the early days of the online retail Forex era, in 2007 – this broker occupies a unique space as the king of social and copy trading. eToro has a long track record and unique reputation to protect, although this image is more focused on its copy trading model than on any other individual feature, except maybe its special relationship with cryptocurrencies. eToro is regulated in Cyprus, the U.K., Australia, and the United States although its U.S. offering is firmly differentiated from its offering to the rest of the world. eToro is a leading cryptocurrencies CFD broker. Following its 2019 acquisition of Danish blockchain company Firmo and Belgian crypto portfolio tracker application Delta, it released its cryptocurrency wallet for mobile devices.CFD crypto is not available for users in the US and under FCA regulation.

eToro Pros & Cons

  • Active investment community ideal for social trading

  • Dedicated tools for social trading

  • Broad cryptocurrency selection

  • Expanding educational offering for beginner traders

  • Internal withdrawal fees

  • Low retail leverage and higher minimum deposits, but within a reasonable range

Trade Nation

5.0/5 in this category
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Simplified fixed cost trading for beginners

Forex traders in Bahrain get a well-trusted broker in Trade Nation, which continues to expand its offering. Besides the MT4 trading platform and the proprietary TN Trader Platform, Trade Nation connects to TradingView and features its in-house developed TradeCopier. The MT4 raw account is ideal for algorithmic traders and scalpers, who benefit from minimum raw spreads of 0.0 pips for a commission of $7.00 per 1.0 standard round lot.

Trade Nation ranks among trusted Forex brokers in Bahrain, compliant with five regulators, and operational since 2014. There is no minimum deposit requirement, and traders may deposit using cryptocurrencies.

  • Simplified trading environment for beginners

  • One account type for all traders in eight account base currencies

  • Quality trading tools embedded in the proprietary trading platform

  • Balanced asset selection for international traders

  • Limited payment processors


5.0/5 in this category
In Summary
Best all-around broker with high floating leverage and fast execution

Quality education, the Pivot Points Trading Strategy as an MT4 plugin and actionable trading signals make FXTM a well-rounded choice for Forex trading in Bahrain. It also features the FXTM Invest service, an alternative to the embedded copy trading services in the MT4/MT5 platforms.

The FXTM Advantage account provides a competitive pricing edge with raw spreads starting from 0.0 pips for a commission between $0.80 to $4.00 per 1.0 lot. The average price improvement of 0.29 pips or $2.90 per lot and an execution speed of 0.072 seconds, possible via innovative order execution technology and deep liquidity pools, make FXTM an ideal choice for scalpers and algorithmic traders. The Advantage account requires a minimum deposit of $500 but offers industry-leading services.

  • Excellent commission-based Forex pricing environment and transparency

  • Upgraded MT4/MT5 trading platforms plus proprietary mobile trading app

  • Quality market research and educational content for beginner traders

  • Proprietary copy trading platform, low minimum deposit, and high leverage

  •  No cryptocurrencies and limited choice of commodities


5.0/5 in this category
In Summary
Highly regulated, choice of fixed or floating spreads

Traders seeking social and copy trading options benefit from Ava Social, ZuluTrade, and DupliTrade. The reasonable commission-free costs and excellent trading platform choices make AvaTrade an excellent choice for Forex trading in Bahrain. The Trading Central plugin upgrades the MT4/MT5 trading platforms. The Guardian Angel MT4 plugin grants a layer of protection by sending traders alerts and assisting with risk management and post-trade analysis. AvaTrade also maintains the proprietary web based AvaTrade WebTrader, AvaOptions, and AvaTradeGO.

VPS hosting supports algorithmic traders, while the spun-out SharpTrader Academy ranks as one of the highest quality and comprehensive educational resources for beginners. Traders preferring passive income opportunities can consider the partnership program with 70,000+ partners from 150+ counties and 250M+ commission payouts.

  • High-quality educational offering via SharpTrader

  • Excellent choice of trading platforms catering to various trading needs

  • Broad asset selection and cross-asset diversification opportunities

  • Well-regulated and trusted broker with oversight from a central bank

  • Trading costs competitive but nothing special

FP Markets

4.5/5 in this category
In Summary
ECN trading with leverage up to 1:500

The MAM/PAMM accounts available at FP Markers offer Forex trading in Bahrain a quality and trusted solution for account managers and Forex traders. Beginners can benefit from quality education, which includes videos and webinars, while in-house research is also available. Twelve plugins and Autochartist upgrade the core MT4/MT5 trading platforms, ensuring traders have a competitive edge. VPS hosting offers algorithmic traders low-latency 24/5 market access.

Raw spreads from 0.0 pips for a commission of $6.00 per round lot, high leverage, and deep liquidity can make FP Markets a desirable choice for scalpers and high-frequency traders. The NDD order processing without requotes adds to the trading advantages. Copy traders can diversify their portfolios via FP Markets Copy Trading or Myfxbook Autotrade.

  • Choice of trading platforms and auxiliary trading tools

  • Very competitive cost structure and excellent asset selection

  • Low minimum deposit requirement and leverage of up to 1:500

  • Well-regulated and trustworthy

  • Availability of Iress geographically restricted

  • eToro, Best broker for social traders and crypto traders : 74% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
  • Trade Nation, Simplified fixed cost trading for beginners.
  • FXTM, Best all-around broker with high floating leverage and fast execution.
  • AvaTrade, Highly regulated, choice of fixed or floating spreads.
  • FP Markets, ECN trading with leverage up to 1:500.

How to Choose the Best Forex Broker in Bahrain

While several well-known banks offer Forex trading in Bahrain, including the MT4 platform, international offshore brokers oversee the bulk of online retail trading. Below is a checklist of what competitive brokers should provide.

Forex traders in Bahrain should ensure their Forex brokers offer the following:

1. Regulation - A regulated broker with a clean operational record guarantees the segregation, security, and availability of deposits and profits. It also eliminates the threat of scams and fraud.

2. Local-currency accounts - While the Bahraini Dinar is the second highest-valued currency globally, most International online brokers neither support it as a deposit currency nor an account currency and generally do not quote it on their trading platforms.

3. Local payment methods – Bahrain-resident Forex traders should ensure their Forex brokers provide low-cost and secure online payment processors and cryptocurrencies.

4. Spread sizes - A competitive commission-based spread starts from 0.0 pips, and commission-free alternatives should be no more than 0.7 pips during the most liquid trading periods.

5. Fees - A commission of $6.00 per 1.0 standard lot presents a low-cost pricing environment, and active traders should try to ensure a volume-based rebate program exists.

6. Products - Forex brokers supporting numerous strategies and portfolio diversification maintain 60+ currency pairs.

7. Asset diversity - Commodities, index CFDs, and cryptocurrencies are the most-traded assets among Forex traders seeking cross-asset diversification.

8. Customer service in native language - Many Forex brokers offer their websites in Arabic and provide Arabic customer support.

9. Account type diversity - Besides commission-free and commission-based accounts, including sub-account choices, Bahrain resident Forex traders should evaluate the availability and fairness of swap-free Islamic options.

10. Demo account - Algorithmic traders rely on demo accounts for bug-fixing and testing EAs.

11. Mobile trading - Forex trading in Bahrain via mobile devices is ideal for copy trading and account monitoring.

12. Deposits/Withdrawals - Forex brokers generally do not levy internal costs on deposits. Third-party withdrawal fees could apply, which depend on the payment processor.

Forex Trading Regulations in Bahrain

The Central Bank of Bahrain regulates the financial sector in the kingdom. Bahrain maintains a free market economy without restrictions on capital flows and foreign exchange, and it has earned a global reputation as a welcoming environment for investors. While the Central Bank of Bahrain regulates the domestic market and physical Forex trading conducted by licensed banks and market participants, this does not extend to online Forex trading using derivatives, as offered at online brokers.

Bahrain has domestic champions offering online Forex trading, but international brokers capture most of the retail trading volume. Here we shortlist well-trusted brokers with spotless operational records, segregation of client deposits, negative balance protection, and multiple regulatory licenses offering peace of mind. No restrictions exist for Bahrain-resident Forex traders to open offshore accounts, and global Forex brokers have a growing interest in the above-average deposits from Forex traders in Bahrain.

How to Start Forex Trading in Bahrain

Taking the core steps set out below will ensure beginners start their Forex trading journey on the right path.

1. Beginners should start with education, as Forex trading is a high-skilled profession. This also applies to copy traders or those seeking managed account services, and it can ensure traders will be able to recognize scams and fraud.

2. A trusted Forex broker is necessary to succeed, and our list includes the most competitive choices for traders resident in Bahrain.

3. Successful Forex trading requires an effective trading strategy, an appropriate risk management profile, and realistic expectations to define annual goals.

4. Learning a high-skilled profession only through a simulation is impossible, and the same applies to the use of demo accounts in Forex. The lack of real risk makes them inauthentic and can create a false sense of accomplishment, although they can provide useful education. Beginners should complete their education with a live account with a small deposit and consider trading losses as the price of education.

5. Forex traders should follow daily economic, monetary, and political events, as they can move price action, create trading opportunities, and either begin or disrupt trends.

6. Emotional reactions to market events usually result in trading losses. One strategy which can help avoid emotional trading is placing take profit and hard stop loss levels within the trade entry order, making the trade as “set and forget” as possible.

Risks of Forex Trading in Bahrain

Fully understanding the risks associated with Forex trading in Bahrain will allow traders to prepare and avoid them, unlocking the life-changing opportunities a successful Forex trading venture can offer. The primary risks include:

  • A misunderstanding of Forex trading, its requirements, and possibilities related to the lack of education, which ranks as the number one risk.
  • Marketing campaigns by questionable Forex brokers and affiliates promote unrealistic expectations, particularly concerning capital requirements and profits.
  • Frustration, inefficient trading, and mistakes due to insufficient trading capital.
  • Misuse of demo accounts, which lack exposure to trading psychology, as a primary educational tool.
  • Lack of respect and recognition of Forex trading as a high-skilled profession.
  • Over-leveraged trading with a lack of risk management and understanding of its significance.
  • Overtrading to compensate for insufficient trading capital to achieve unrealistic profit expectations.
  • Scams and frauds aimed at beginner traders who lack in-depth Forex education.
  • Absence of quality trading software, especially for algorithmic traders and scalpers.

Bottom Line

Forex trading in Bahrain presents opportunities for Forex traders and the best Forex brokers alike. The free-market economy and high percentage of foreign nationals in the fastest-growing economy in the middle east ensure unrestricted capital flows and make Forex trading part of daily life. The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) regulates physical Forex trading. Bahrain has domestic banks offering online trading with MT4, the most popular Forex platform, typically available at online brokers.

The bulk of retail trading volume using derivative contracts, unregulated by the CBB, relies on well-trusted international Forex brokers such as the ones shortlisted on this page.

Education remains paramount to success, as Forex trading is a high-skilled profession. It can help ensure beginners understand the requirements, select a suitable strategy, deploy risk management, and have realistic expectations. It will also allow traders to recognize scams and fraud in the Forex market while creating a foundation for success.


Is Forex trading legal in Bahrain?

Forex trading in Bahrain is legal, continues to expand, and Bahrain has no capital or Forex restrictions, while Forex traders in Bahrain can freely trade with offshore international brokers.

How can I start trading in Bahrain?

Education remains the first step for beginners, followed by selecting a suitable strategy and risk management profile. Selecting a suitable and trusted broker is equally important.

What time does the Forex market open in Bahrain?

The Forex market operates 24/5, but the unofficial start to trading is the opening bell of the equity market at 9:30 a.m. local time.

What can I trade in Bahrain?

Bahrain has no restrictions on capital markets. Traders can trade Forex, commodities, indices, equities, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. They are available as derivatives or physical assets from leveraged and unleveraged accounts.

Can expats trade in Bahrain?

Expats are free to trade in Bahrain, which counts almost 50% of its population as expats.

How many Forex traders are there in Bahrain?

No data exists on the number of traders but given that almost 50% of residents are foreign nationals, some element of Forex is widespread in national life.

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