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The Forex market continues to attract thousands of new traders daily. Unfortunately, most rush into trading without acquiring the necessary knowledge, lured by the prospect of earning big profits. Many arrive at a broker website's by clicking through the intriguing advertising banners and affiliate offers, as the competitive industry seeks to gain market share. With over 1,200 Forex brokers using the ever popular MT4 platform, and hundreds more using alternative trading platforms, the sector continues to expand to accommodate demand. New brokers attempt to challenge established ones by offering superior auxiliary services to complement their core trading environment. They often sign partnerships with FinTech companies to enhance automated trading strategies, the fastest-growing trend in finance, and to cater to social traders, and retail asset management.

One of the essential services remains education, and few brokers offer their traders any kind of noteworthy, much less valuable, program. While many brokers maintain an educational section, it is largely motivated by marketing than by its educational value to traders. This lack of proper education led to the rise of Forex academies, courses, and mentors; the intent was and is to increase the knowledgebase of new traders and direct them towards a profitable trading career. Regrettably, scams, frauds, mis-marketing, and false promises dominate the sector. New traders seeking education should consider that most content covered by mentors is available 100% free of charge. However, the majority of mentors are essentially failed traders who have found an alternate avenue from which to generate income through Forex trading, without the need to actually trade. There are always exceptions to the well-established scams and fraudsters amongst them. Today we will take a look at one exception, trading academy Asia Forex Mentor, founded by Ezekiel Chew.

What is Asia Forex Mentor

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Asia Forex Mentor consists of its AFM Proprietary One Core Program, and the Golden Eye Group. Ezekiel Chew founded the company in 2008 amid requests from his friends to teach them how to trade Forex successfully. Per his own account, the group of friends grew into a community; he then expanded his services into online courses, before launching physical classes. He notes that financial institutions often hire him to teach their traders. The Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), the second-largest state-owned bank in the country, with assets over $13 billion, is referenced as a client.

As its name suggests, Asia Forex Mentor is largely based off the personal success of Ezekiel Chew as currency trader. A free-five lesson sample requires only a name and valid e-mail address to access, which can offer traders a glimpse into what they will get when registering for the service. Asia Forex Mentor enjoys frequent media coverage, and Ezekiel Chew regularly speaks at financial conferences worldwide. In a competitive field of scams and fraud, Asia Forex Mentor is certainly a well-established company across Asia, where genuine education is a service taken seriously.

Who is Ezekiel Chew

Asia Forex Mentor Review who is Ezekiel Chew

Ezekiel Chew is a trader who states that he has over 20 years of trading experience. He grew up in a poor household, together with three siblings. The challenging conditions of his childhood set him on a path to seek a more promising future. His aim was financial freedom and, because his father had cautioned him against investing his hard-earned capital in equity markets, the Forex market caught his attention. Per his own account, it took him 42 months to become a profitable trader using his self-devised strategy. He attributes his success as a trader to a combination of leverage and compounding. His system focuses on return on investment (ROI) rather than the percentage of profitable trades versus losses.

Mr. Chew's approach mirrors that of venture capital firms. Out of ten trades (investments), eight can result in calculated losses, but the two profitable ones will generate enough income to turn the strategy into a successful one. Ezekiel Chew refers to himself as a trader earning six figures per trade, and boasts that financial institutions are willing to pay him $25,000 for his market insight. A self-proclaimed mentor to the gurus at professional outlets, he founded Asia Forex Mentor in 2008. There, he shares both his successes and failures with paying clients, drawing educational lessons from his personal experiences, which adds a deeper touch of sincerity and knowledge to the educational material.

One of the oft-referenced examples of his trading approach is that he can turn $1 into $3 with his trading system, a system that banks and professional traders use, but which is simple enough (in concept) for a seven year old child to comprehend. Another referenced example is how he earns over six figures per Forex trade, turning a $24,000 position into over $300,000 within a month. An impressive ROI, sometimes exceeding 1,000%, forms the basis of how the AFM Proprietary One Core Program marketing campaign operates. Chew does point out that successful trading requires hard work, and that his system is not intended as a get-rich-quick scheme or a silver bullet to earn millions from Forex trading within a short period. It is important to remember that his success is really the accumulation of over twenty years as a full-time trader.

One Core Program

Asia Forex Mentor Review the One Core Program

The AFM Proprietary One Core Program is the primary educational program which was developed by Ezekiel Chew and is essentially at the heart of Asia Forex Mentor. Ezekiel Chew taught himself how to trade from the age of 16 in a Forex account funded with $500. His introduction of the AFM Proprietary One Core Program does note that he put his heart and soul into the lessons, which is evident from the detailed video lessons. The attention to detail-provided examples, and his personal touch, combine for quality lessons.

The program consists of 26 lessons, which often feature numerous sub-categories, for a total of 63 videos plus a genuine introduction to the course. It is a well-thought-through educational package that combines free online material with Ezekiel Chew's hand-picked life examples, from personal experience and his interpretation, which expand the overall value of each lesson.

Clients will also have access to the Golden Eye Group, where Ezekiel Chew shares live trading set-ups, explains his point of view on various assets, and indicates how he takes his trades. The content appears to have regular updates, with the first lessons dated May 14th, 2018, and the most recent one from August 24th, 2020.

Where the AFM Proprietary One Core Program introduces traders to the basics of Forex trading and the strategy deployed by Ezekiel Chew, the Golden Eye Group consists of live examples. Each new traders can learn at their preferred pace, and the breakdown of the lessons considers the limited time most traders have available, as they often cater to full-time jobs. The online courses are created with care and offer more value than a traditionally structured academic set-up. Ezekiel Chew has combined free educational content with his personal touch, and the AFM Proprietary One Core Program is the result of over twenty years of trading experience.

The Cost of the AFM Proprietary One Core Program

The cost of the program is $997 which, for many retail traders from emerging Asian economies, may be out of reach. There is no payment plan, and full payment is required. Data shows that most new retail traders fund their account with less than $1,000, thus many may face a challenging choice given the steep price tag of the program. However, those that are willing to invest in their own financial future may find this educational system useful for a long-term trading career.


Asia Forex Mentor, through its AFM Proprietary One Core Program, became the number one educational provider in Asia. Ezekiel Chew, the company founder with 20+ years trading experience, combines free-of-charge content with his own a personal touch and his interpretation of price action, and wraps it in a bow to the tune of a $997 educational course. His trading strategy focuses on ROI and promises to be “foolproof,” per extensive advertising on how it will transform new traders with zero knowledge and turn them into professional fund managers.

Ezekiel Chew placed tremendous effort into offering new traders an extensive Forex course, sharing his trading system, with numerous examples of past trades, as well as live trading set-ups inside his Golden Eye Group. While his current success remains paramount to marketing, it would be a good idea to reference more of what new traders might accomplish with a $500 portfolio (the same size as Chew's first trading account).

A free trial will give traders a hint to what they will receive if they register for the full set of lessons. Mr. Chew does offer quality lessons, and those who prefer a course with a genuine approach to learning one way to trade the markets can certainly consider Asia Forex Mentor as a sound choice. Since new retail traders are the target market, often from emerging countries, the price of the course remains out of reach for many. Scams and fraud dominate the Forex education industry, but Asia Forex Mentor presents one option for those seeking a paid educational course and manual trading strategy.

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