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How to Calculate Pips in Gold

A pip, short for percentage in point, is a Forex term that refers to the fourth decimal in all currency pairs, except for Japanese Yen currency pairs, where a pip refers to the second decimal. Before fifth decimal pricing, a pip was the smallest increment of price moves. The fifth decimal is a pipette. Ten pipettes equal one pip. Given the popularity of gold trading in Forex portfolios, we will show you how to calculate pips in gold.

How to Count Gold Pips 

Understanding how to calculate pips in gold begins with counting gold pips, which is straightforward. Like any asset, gold has a bid and an ask price. Traders buy gold at the ask price and sell at the bid price. The difference between both is the spread, which reflects your broker’s markups and earnings.

Here is an example showing how to count gold pips:

  • You buy gold at the ask price of 2,029.05.
  • You sell gold at the bid price of 2,087.45.


Gold pips = 2,087.45 - 2,029.05 or 58.40

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    How to Read Pips on Gold on the MetaTrader Platform? 

    Since a pip refers to the smallest price increment an asset can move in a four-decimal, three-decimal, or two-decimal quote, reading pips on gold in the MetaTrader platform requires no calculation. Traders can look at the last decimal of the quote, which is a gold pip.

    How to calculate pips in gold requires a simple subtraction of the bid price from the ask price for the swap or the entry price of a gold trade from the exit price for a profit/loss calculation.

    How to Calculate Pips in Gold 

    How to calculate pips in gold and the pip value is a two-step process. Many brokers have a pip and profit calculator, and MT4/MT5 display spreads in the trading platform.

    Step One - Pip Count:

    • Use the pip counting formula shown above.

    Step Two - Pip Value Calculation:

    • 1.0 lot equals 100 ounces, the standard volume for gold.

    Gold Pip Value = (0.01 /gold price) x 100

    Using my pip counting example value:

    Gold Pip Value = (0.01 /2,029.05) x 100 or 0.0049


    • A 1.0 pip move in gold equals $0.0049.

    Please Note:

    • The pip value changes with the price of gold, increasing with a decrease in price and vice versa.

    How to calculate 1.0 lot of XAU/USD? 

    How to calculate pips in gold requires knowing the lot size. The trading platform lists the contract size per 1.0 lot. For XAU/USD (gold), 1.0 lot equals 100 ounces.

    Bottom Line 

    Calculating pips in gold is a straightforward process. Traders should subtract the bid price from the ask price to get the spread, also known as the cost per trade, and the entry price from the exit price for a profit/loss calculation.


    How do you calculate XAUUSD pips?

    Traders can calculate XAUUSD pips by subtracting the bid price from the ask price before they enter a trade to get the spread. Profit and loss calculations require the trader to subtract the entry value of the trade from the exit value.

    How much is 1.0 pip in gold?

    Gold has a two-decimal quote, meaning 1.0 pip in gold is $0.01, the smallest price increment in which gold can move.

    How do I calculate pips?

    Traders can calculate pips by subtracting the entry value of a trade from the exit value, using the entire quote with all decimals. The fourth decimal is a pip unless the quote has fewer decimals, like gold, where the last decimal is the pip.

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