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How to Count Pips on Forex

A pip is actually an acronym (price interest point or percentage in point). Overall, it’s important to know how to count pips on Forex so that you can see how much to trade and what you might earn for profit based on your account capital. Let’s learn more about it

What Is One Pip Change in Forex?

A pip is the smallest unit price move the exchange rate could make, which is based on the Forex convention market. The leading currency pairs get priced out to four decimal places. Therefore, one pip is the last decimal place (fourth). In a sense, it’s equivalent to one percent, which is also called one basis point or 1/100.

The smallest unit move that the USD/CAD currency pair could make is one basis point or $0.0001.

Forex traders buy/sell currency with values expressed in relation to other currencies. Quotes often appear as bid/ask spreads. Therefore, one pip change in Forex is one percent. Look to the very last decimal place, which is the fourth number, to see the changes. For example, if you have 1.2345, one pip change would be 1.2346.

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    How to Measure Pips in Forex

    You measure pips in Forex by watching the exchange rate’s movements. Most currency pairs use the four-decimal style, so a one percent change would be equal to one pip.

    Since a pip is the smallest unit measurement for the difference between bid/ask spreads on a foreign exchange quote, the pip generally equals 0.0001.

    How to Calculate Pips for Forex

    The value of the pip depends on many things, such as the trade value, exchange rate, and currency pair. If you fund the forex trading account with US money, but USD is the second (quote currency), the pip is a fixed rate of 0.0001. An example is this: EUR/USD.

    In that case, the value of a pip is calculated when you multiply the trade value (lot size) by 0.0001. If your trade value was 10,000 euros, you would multiply that number by 0.0001, so the pip value is USD 1. Therefore, if you purchase 10,000 euros against the US dollar at 1.0701 and sold it at 1.0711, you would have a profit of $10 or 10 pips.

    However, if the USD is the first number in the pair (base currency), the pip value will involve the exchange rate, such as USD/CAD. In this case, you must divide the pip size by that exchange rate, multiplying that number by your trade value.

    Let’s say the exchange rate for USD/CAD was 1.2829, and you have a standard lot size (100,000). This means you would divide 0.0001 by 1.2829 and multiply the number by 100,000, giving you a $7.79 pip value. Therefore, if you purchase 100,000 USD against that Canadian dollar at a rate of 1.2829 and sold it at 1.2830, you would have a one-pip profit ($7.79).

    You also have to consider that the Japanese Yen features two decimal points for pairs, so it’s a significant exception to that four-decimal rule. In these cases, the pip value is 1/100 and gets divided by that exchange rate. If EUR/JPY was quoted at 132.62, and you had a lot size of 100,000 euros, one pip would be $7.54. Divide 1/10 (one pip) by 132.62 to get 0.0000754, and multiply that by 100,000.

    How to Count Pips in Forex

    You count pips in Forex by using the information above for calculations. However, you must first understand what a pip is for your account’s currency. This is a global market, so everyone could use different ones.

    It’s a simple calculation to do. You simply find the “found pip value” and divide or multiply that by your account currency’s exchange rate and the questioned currency.

    If you want to trade GBP/JPY and compare it to USD, you would note the found pip value of GBP to be 0.813 and the exchange rate ratio, which we will call 1.5590. You would divide .813 by 1.5590 to get a 1.2674 USD/pip move. That means for every 0.1 pip move of GBP/JPY currency, the value of your 10,000 unit will change by about 1.27 USD.

    Example of Pip Value in Forex

    Though you’ve seen a few examples so far, let’s give you one more. We’re going to say that the GBP/USD is trading right now at the market price of 1.5000. You have a mini lot of 10,000. You want to calculate the pip value in Forex, and you would use this formula:

    • (0.0001/1.5000) x 10,000. This gives you an answer of 0.6666.

    The above indicates that for every pip movement, the trade you make would lose or earn 0.6666 pounds.

    If you trade spot Forex, the pip value is often defined by that quote currency (USD for the example above). Therefore, the calculation for pip value (one movement) for USD would be 10,000 multiplied by 0.0001, which equals one. That means for every pip movement, the trade would generate a loss or profit of $1.


    It’s often challenging to count pips in Forex, but it’s crucial for your strategies and plans. Most brokers do this for you, but you can also use online calculators to make it easy.

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    How Do You Calculate the Pip Value in Forex?

    You need the currency pair, exchange rates, and lot size (trade value). If USD is the quote currency (second part), there’s a fixed pip (0.0001). Therefore, you multiply the trade value by 0.0001. However, if USD is the base currency, you must divide the pip size by that exchange rate, multiplying the number by your trade value.

    How Do You Calculate the Number of Pips in Forex?

    The first step is to find the pip value of the currency pair you’re trading. If you buy 10,000 euros against the US dollar at 1.0701 and had a pip value of $1, you would make a 10-pip profit if you sold at 1.0711.

    How Do You Calculate Profit per Pip in Forex?

    Simply divide the pip size by the pair’s exchange rate and multiply that by the trade value. For example, you buy 100,000 USD, and the Canadian dollar’s exchange rate is 1.2829. If you sell at 1.2830, you receive a one-pip profit.

    How Do You Work out Pips in Forex?

    To work out pips, you must calculate the pip value based on the base and quote currency. Team
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